★Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT/Stealth History★

Hey guys! Here is a GTO/3000GT/Stealth history video that I made. This car was an engineering showcase at it’s time having a twin turbo V6 with all wheel drive and other features such as active aero and electronic controlled struts. It was created by the Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Highly Sophisticated-transport Research (HSR) team as the replacement for the Starion/Conquest. Several iterations of it were made in the 90’s and ended that decade. It was not as highly sought after like it’s other Japanese counterparts, but had an interesting history. Unfortunately it was discontinued, but lives on today through enthusiasts. Let me know what you think!

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41 thoughts on “★Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT/Stealth History★

  1. thank you so much for making this video. the gto is one of my favorite Japanese cars! again thank you very much. looking forward to your next video.

  2. always loved this car since I was a kid I bought a 91 3000GT SL a year and a half ago gave me problems but wouldn't trade it for the world thanks for the info now I know more about this amazing car

  3. i have a 3000gt vr4 i live in md any body from here or nearest to make a meeting for 3000gts …whos in? or any body knows if someone make meetings for 3000gts…?

  4. Nice video..!
    Please do a video about the Eclipse/Talon. I owned 2 , the were so fun to drive and easy to tune

  5. The GTO or 3000GT is a beautiful car. Sadly with so many politics it dies!!!

    This vehicle should have been just a rear wheel drive as a sports car to be for the speed demon for future sport known as drifting!!!
    Mitsubishi really is at the final end of the market and they can fade away like Isuzu or Suzuki automotive.

  6. I officially subscribed. I love history and cars lol. very informative. I love back stories. now I can geek out random facts to people who don't care lol

  7. Thanks for the history. It's interesting to see more folk interested in this car as the years go by. I think it will be classic, but then I am biased. I have owned a 1999 stock, bright red – the only colour to have – Mk2 3000GT (TT UK spec) since 2005. I used it as my daily transport for years and it was super reliable. Nowadays it sits in the dry and gets used when the sun shines – which here in England is about once a week! It turns heads, from kids and grownups wherever you take it, always fires up first time and when it does it is impossible not to smile.

  8. I just saw this video and I must say very well done. It is my favorite Japanese car . It does not get a good rep because of the weight but it can hang with the best of them.

  9. it was a great car but super heavy. Mitsubishi should bring it back since the eve X is out. they have no more sports car. Also other dodge/mits sister cars are the eclipse/talon

  10. I love this car I hate that Mitsubishi don't do TV Commercials in the USA. And then they wonder why they aint selling anything…. while you see a lot of mazda and others comercial all over even the stupid W cars gets more sales I wish Mitsubishi Wake up and one day soon put nice badass mitsubishi comercial in middle of super-bowl and stuffs like that

  11. Marked-2 was may favorite. Mark-1 was to endowed with technological gadgetry and the mark-3 was too ricer for my taste. This car still looks amazing. There's a driver in my neighborhood that has one with 19 inch Advan GT rims on 245/40 & 265/35 tires, with Brembo 4-piston front/rear BBK, dropped on Tein coilovers, painted Toyota pearl white, Recaro sits, with an upgraded turbo package. It gets the looks but no one knows what it is.

    I noticed that for your engine codes that you have the SOHC V6 listed the same as DOHC V6. Is that correct?

  12. It's nice to see some people still talking about these. I bought a new Stealth TT in 92 and owned it a few years before the evil ex made me sell it. Now years later and after divorce I have a 92 3000 GT vr4 with 73000 miles on it. Not as fast as modern muscle but still a very fun car to drive. What is not fun is keeping all that 90's hardware functioning. Not an easy car to work on!

  13. If we (as car guys) buy more of their crossovers (which are pretty good btw) it might cause Mitsubishi to gain enough profits to develop something like this.

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