1 Hydrostatic Garden Tractor transmission rebuild 1 of 4 Hydro Gear

part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lB4m0r5VUs
1 of 4 Hydro Gear hydrostatic transmission get rebuilt from an early 2000’s White Cub Cadet Garden Tractor.
This is a long set of videos but it shows you the workings of a hydrostatic transmission. Entire job took about 2.5 hours.



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  1. Hi:
    Your video has inspired me to try to do a tranny check & partial rebuild on my LT1000's 6-spd, peerless tranny.  My tranny's the oil lube type, & takes 80W90 gear oil. My tranny has a top mounted (rubber/silicone?) oil fill/inspection plug, but sadly no bottom drain plug.
    I can't see any easy way to even check or inspect the oil level without either removing the big clumsy stamped metal fender/footplate & tank*, or pulling the tranny out.

    *To get super easy access to it from above, I removed 2 bolts under the seat + the 2 nuts under the footplates and then just lifted off the fender/footplate deck.  I also removed the gas tank too, just 2 more bolts.  That gave me a wide open top view & access from above.To me, this will make the actual overall job easier.  It's a bit more work, but so nice to have such easy access from above as well as from below & possibly from the sides, even if it's not totally 'needed'.

    My tranny's oil level is now super low.  After seeing how greasy & gooped up a freshly
    pulled tranny innards can be, I'd like some advice on maybe doing a pre-clean step.
    Since the oil level's already very low, there's room now to add some "temporary" "slightly thinner" grade oil into the thing and maybe run the tractor a bit on very light duty a bit to stir, mix, dissolve things inside up a bit, & so help prepare whats in there to come loose
    just a bit, for easier cleaning later on.

    I've seen some videos showing a royal mess inside the housing, & by running some thinner lube in it, I'm hoping to free up, & easy out that mess better.

    What do you think??

  2. I have a Murray tractor with a hydro trans-axle, for some reason it is stuck in neutral all the time, i had done all tried all I know to get it in gear, the free wheel lever works, the brake rod works, the foot pedal works, all have been lubricated and move freely do you have a idea of something else I can try. Your video's are great and I have enjoyed watching them very much, Any easy to follow. Thanks George

  3. I've never owned a riding lawn mower but worked on my neighbors, the transmission belt recently broke and ripped the PTO clutch wires in 1/2. I fixed that & when I went to change the belt I noticed the 2 brackets that hold the drive axles to the frame were cracked. One clean in half so I dropped the transmission and welded the brackets. When I put it all back together the mower will now not move when shifted in R and when u try to put it in F it won't move & causes the engine to bog down and die..I thought I put all the linkage back on the exact way I took it off..After watching this I'm hoping It's the brake linkage and the brakes are stuck on and not something inside the transmission. Does anyone know if it's common for the belt to break once the transmission goes bad..Like maybe lock up & snap the belt??

  4. Excellent videos! I have learned a lot. So, when can I ship mine to you and how much would you charge lol? Thanks dude

  5. hello i got alot out of your videos thanks.i have a late model simplicity mower and when i  put it in neutral and get off it it starts creeping foreward what can i do to fix it?

  6. I got a 1989 NOMA with a 16 V-Twin OHV. It runs good and one thing I can't get rid of is a whining sound from the transmission. Any ideas ?

  7. hi, i just got a brand new mtd lawn tractor with hydrostatic drive, it works great, however the transmission makes a slight whining noise, is this normal for a new hydro? thankyou!, keep up the good work.

  8. It's a good idea to place a small powerful magnet in the base of the transaxle case to attract any metal fragments that can cause wear to the moving parts. Helps the gears, bearings & everything else last longer.

  9. +sixtyfiveford thoughts on converting a variable speed mtd transaxle to either a 5/7 speed manual or hydrostatic transmission? or should I just rebuild the variable speed? it started slipping and making frequent popping sounds, and eventually it was slipping so much (with the pop/clank noise) that I could barely make it up a slight grade. reverse is only slightly affected, but not immune. do you think that shaft is rusted, causing the hub to not freely slide? I can't think of what I could of stripped inside of it. there is only slight play in the axle itself. actually the play seems to be within spec, up/down, left/right & in/out.
    idk if I should dedicate my only day off per week to tearing into it. of course, craigslist has plenty of used transaxles but they are either hydros or manual, no variable

  10. Great video. I have to replace a fan and pulley on a Hydro Gear ZT-3400. Looks like you made quick work of getting yours off, but I can't figure out how to keep the fan/pulley assembly from turning when using a ratchet. Does the impact wrench make it easier?

  11. my husband has one I wanted to kno the cost, but his sounds smooth and it starts first try. I'm sorry but urs sounds like u have a muffler leak? I listen to All the mowers and riders he works on and I've gotten a pretty good ear to the sounds of the engines and mufflers on just about all of them (after 24, yrs.). bob Also has a Hydro 165?, John Deere, and Ariens, 10 Horsem All working Ex. in case You guys need Help

  12. my cousin and his friends had pool party and noticed the husky mower didnt move too good after, there where pulling a wagon with drunk ass peeps in it dunno…now it barely moves but mowes fine….goes forward like 10ft and slowly down and uphill not so good, the husky 46in mower is umm 3yrs old……..ps- that mower tranny is the cleanes thing that was on that table LOLLLLLL looks like mine

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