9 thoughts on “#1 Tecumseh LV195EA – Tear Down and Rebuild – Shroud, muffler and carb removal

  1. Ok after further reviewing, I noticed the link bar that goes into the throttle thingy was in the wrong hole.. I had it on the biggest hole, instead of the one closer to the block. Runs great now. 🙂

  2. Hi I have a 2 cycle lawboy and was wondering if you were going to be doing a rebuild on one of those. I have watched a couple of your rebuild series and suscribe but would like to see a 2 cycle rebuild. I bought a new lawnboy and hate it so I would like to rebuild my original lawnboy that I have had since it was new in 1991 and bring it back to life. I know they don't make the 2 cycle version any longer so a rebuild is my only hope.

  3. I have never rebuilt a 2 cycle engine. It is my goal to get more acquainted with 2 cycles some day, but I am pretty busy with the 4 strokes right now. If you ever tear into that thing, catch it on video and share. Thanks.

  4. I have a Tecumseh TVS120 63620G that I have completely rebuilt. Now It acts like the timing is off. If I have the throttle all the way up and pull on the cord it literally yanks it out of your hand but no fire. I double checked the timing marks. As you know the crank gear makes two complete revolution to one of the cam gear. If you turn the crank shaft one rev the timing mark on the cam is at the opposite end. Does that make any difference. Also this has an Auto Compression Release on the cam shaft. Anything special I need to do on that?

  5. Good Work Congrtulations !! 
    Wich model is the lawnmower ,because i have the engine only and dont know how many hp is ? another question is  4 stroke or 2 stroke ( i must put mixed gasoline and oil or only gasoline pure)
    Thanks !!

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