28 thoughts on “11 HP BRIGGS ENGINE VALVE JOB (part 1)

  1. Excellent video series! I was searching for trouble shooting videos for a Briggs 13hp flathead and your series came up in results. I've heard your channel mentioned by other "YTers"Wallysplace66" and "Mustie1",not sure why I never checked out your content before but now I'm subscribed!
    Keep the videos coming! Looking forward to watching other videos from your channel!

  2. I believe that the owner's instructions call for just dropping the dip stick in the tube without screwing it down. Otherwise, you get a reading which shows more oil than you actually have in the crankcase.

  3. This world is a funny thing, I was looking for a cheap used lawnmower tractor for our summer house, and I found one of these that was custumized and used as a mini tractor and now I am here.

  4. that's a good old engine ,, it's a 252707 from the look of it , they were around a long time ,, 10-21-85 it's 32 years old
    I had this exact same mower when i first started mowing lawns with a rider
    as soon as i heard it cranking i knew you had a sticking valve or some carbon on it ,,I've lapped the valves on a lot of these over the years
    the 252xxx series was replaced by the 282xxx in the late 80s and early 90s ,they built the 2 series at the same time for several years ,and a lot of people mix the 2 up ,, the 282xxx is actually physically bigger than the 252xxx ,,,a good way to identify an older 282xxx is by looking at the rear of the block there is a bolt in the middle of it that the 252xxx doesn't have
    surprisingly some of the parts are the same like the starter ,, all of the single cylinder starters from the 7hp 170xxx engine to the bigger 282xxx and 31Bxxx OHV engines is the same , the ignition coil is also the same on all the single cylinder engines , just the length of the wire is different

    on a different note ,, you MUST screw the dipstick in fully for the oil reading to be correct
    a little bit of a cheat that i have learned over the years through careful measuring
    if you set the stick in there and pull it back out if the engine is full of oil it will be at the ADD mark or a tiny bit above
    and you mentioned a couple quarts ,, it holds 42 ounces to be exact

  5. one youtuber (forget which one) used a strategy of sprinkling talcum powder around the outside of the head gasket to check for leaks. a leak would cause a big cloud of powder. now if it was an OHV Briggs, then the real challenge would be to make the head gasket last long enough to need to do a valve adjustment first

  6. try changing the igniton coil and spark plug. If that dont work try changing the cutting belt or see if the blades are fouling underneath

  7. 1:12 our westwood T1600 failed to start like that because the ignition coil had delaminated so when it was hot the hysteresis losses meant it couldnt spark

  8. Not the key….First impressions can be deceiving RK…That's what the porcupine said as it climbed off the scrubbing brush.!

  9. I wonder if it broke something internal maybe with the camshaft??
    It definitely sounds like it's trying to fire but not at the right time.

  10. You can buy a new magneto for les than $20 on eBay. I just replaced one on a 30 yo Briggs 5 hp, and it made all the difference in the world. It starts and runs like new.

  11. I have the same engne mounted in my lawn tractor , it needs a new ignition coil ( ignition vanishes when the engine is hot ) , and a new belt for the mowing deck . I bought this tracor from a buddy for a small price.

  12. Did this come on over time or just overnight? sounds like a burnt exhaust valve, sticking valve or released/loose valve seat by the symptoms.

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