24 thoughts on “110cc pit bike engine teardown & rebuild pt3


  2. On my 107cc engine: One time out of my entire ride career with this bike; I have accidentally changed gears without engaging on the clutch from a small distraction on the road. It'll still torch until that I have switched into a next gear. The piston will then have lost its torch onto its 'gear shaft'. (If I stand that my theory is correct on that.) Because that-
    I am still able to switch gears; but I will only feel 4% of the engines torch out of the 100%'s revving. (Have something like a chain has come off with inside of the engine?) 

  3. hey, please can you do a video showing how to remove the piston and put it back together in detail please ? need this asap and is it complicated or not ?

  4. stepson bought a pit bike was running great topped up the oil now it wont start i have a good spark and the plug is wet any help please. 

  5. i need help whit my 110c engine when my dad dismount it some spring when opining side where the kick starter is. i need a blueprint.

  6. a minha moto não pega eu ja limpei o carburador meti uma bela nova e não pega
    eu não sei se e das anilhas do pistão ??
    ela ja colo o pistão e eu meti a primeira e andei para trás e o pistão descolo e agora não pega não sei porque ???         

  7. Bueno mi idea es la siguiente si vas a atesar la tuerca que sostiene el embrague no le metas un destornillador, porque de esa forma se parten los dientes de los piñones, modestia aparte me paso  en con mi moto biz 100 por suerte encontre el respuesto que ya no viene para ella sino para la wave 115, antes de comprar el repuesto la arme a si pero quedo con un ruido que parecia como golpe de biela. Espero sirva de algo un abrazo.

  8. At 14:15 there's a cylinder with holes in it and a spring followed by a bolt. what is that? I undid mine and now after I've put it back in I can't select my gears anymore…. please help

  9. Hey I recently cracked my left crankcase so I replaced it but once I finished the motor and put it on the bike I realized that my clutch didn't have full range of motion. When I found this out I stopped and didn't put oil in it. Could this be because the clutch has no oil (and it's a wet clutch off a 110cc pit bike) or could I have screwed up during the crankcase swap. Thanks for your help!

  10. i have a compressed air system in my shack. im gonna do an engine tear down and rebuild! Half a million suckers will watch my upload…

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