14 thoughts on “11HP Briggs & Stratton Carburetor Clean & Problems

  1. Nice to have a spare carb to test ,
    picked up a 2014 craftsman snow shredder 250cc briggs seized engine , mint chassis , tore apart piston seized to cylinder and grooved , aluminum transfer on cylinder, cleaned bore with muriatic acid and flap wheel , honed with red scotch brite pad , welded the scored piston and coated the skirt with spray on graphite dry spray lube / baked in oven 2 hrs ,
    reassembled engine and install back in chassis . no start , no fuel in carb . tear down carb and clean main jet and emulsion tube
    now surging !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have that same motor 11hp briggs .Iooking at the carb all the way to the right at the bottom it drips a few drops of fuel. just rebuilt the carb .Trying to get everything ajusted . what do i do to stop the fuel leak? It shows some black smoke. You are the first person to have the same motor i do .Where can i get another one for a back up . the tractor was my dads and im trying to keep it in good shape. Its a 1987 or 1988 Sears wheel horse. Thank you sir.

  3. That's basically the same engine that's on our Snapper RER that I recently commented to you about having battery drain issues and not wanting to start after it sat for a few days except this one is the I/C engine with cast iron cylinder bore. I just took the carb off of it to at least clean it. It seems to run rich and it's had a couple of the brass adjustment screws replaced in the not so distant past, they are still shiny, but I think it's dirty and maybe out of adjustment. I'm gonna check valve clearance also…Do you happen to know what the valve clearance is supposed to be for these engines? This one is an '87 model too.
    Also, this one sounds like it has a slight rod knock also but when I tried to feel for play between the piston and rod through the spark plug hole I couldn't feel any so IDK….I noticed that the coil looks really close to the flywheel and thought maybe it might be touching in spots and making the noise, I haven't checked clearance yet though…Other than those two things I guess I'll have to get inside to figure out what the noise is…..Engine pulls good and strong. Looks like someone made their own governor linkage for it with a small spring that wraps around but I don't think it's quite right but anyway, it has a few issues for me to work out but the engine runs pretty good considering! Thanks for the video, been watching your vids for a couple years now, I always learn something new….

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  5. Valve clearance needs to be adjusted. I have a 8hp that was made in '88 that had never had the valves adjusted, didn't start well although it ran when it did start. Took head and breather cover off and intake had no clearance. I was amazed it ran at all. I increased intake clearance, exhaust was ok, lapped, and reassembled. Engine runs good now for a lawn mower I've used for 29 yrs.

  6. do you ever do work on older Briggs motors? I got a 66 model 8 that i ran some ethanol gas through and it buggered up the plastic float needle, but the design of the carb is different from anything i've seen.

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