23 thoughts on “#12 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – Flywheel and Starter clutch removal

  1. Warning: B&S manual says only use this type of flywheel holder (# 19167) on a flywheel with metal fins and smaller than 6-3/4inch diam.
    There is another universal type #19372, that grips around the flywheel.

  2. @tv175s3 There are different sizes of flywheel holders. It is important to use the correct size. As a matter of fact, the flywheel holder in this video did not fit the flywheel of the B&S 6HP from 1955 (see my video of that engine).
    The universal type #19372 that you mention is a strap wrench. You can get strap wrenches from most hardware or auto parts stores. They also come in different sizes.
    Thanks for watching.

  3. Thanks for the video, it answered my questions. I will subscribe for future questions that I may have when working on my Briggs. Thanks again.

  4. Well, my starter clutch came flying off along with the ball bearing and cap. It actually broke off from the end of the crankshaft. Is the only way to replace it is to replace the crankshaft? If so, how much would this engine be with this problem?

  5. Yes sir! Exactly what happened at 2500 RPM 🙂 I'm actually in the BMW STEP program, but I don't think I'm up to take this thing apart, too much work for not enough money. I was actually using a drill to start the engine (15/16) and I pulled the drill off but the extender was on and it caused it to spin off balance and it all broke off. Any idea what the engine is worth sitting on a Kee mower in this condition?

  6. Well, I've taken apart the engine, now I just need to remove the piston. I do have a few questions though. That paddle mechanism? What is the purpose of that? And, I see no points or condenser behind the flywheel. Is the magnetic chunk on the flywheel the source of spark on my engine?

  7. Does it matter about the sychrozistion of the crank shaft and cam gear? As in, can I just pop the new shaft in and line it up with the cam? There's a circle on the gears, do I need to match them?

    -Thanks So much for the help.

  8. Thank you!!! for the concise and very helpful explanation. A novice like myself not knowing the clutch unscrewed and that a simple tap on the shaft would do the trick. Now I'm ready to change the ignition condenser and points.

  9. Great simple explanatory video!  I'm having trouble identifying my B & S motor.  It is a mod 130297 type 0782 01 code 79121806  No one online or local shops can identify it. Can you help?  SEMPER FI….!!!

  10. Im restoring what looks to be the same engine and need a Head Gasket, everybody wants the engine code which is understandable but I cant find any code at all 🙁 Could you tell me where you code is located pretty please ?

  11. find MFG supply flywheel tool complete set part # make sure model briggs and stratton flywheel ………… I need that tool for 4 hp engine old fashioned replacement new coil electric ignition …………

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