13 thoughts on “1200 Watt Generator Won’t start

  1. Here's one for you Pender.. Titain 8000 / 2005 want start.replaced (New) Carb, choke assembly, Plug, gas line's, gas shout off value under tank and pull start pulley..Got fire,got gas on the plus when i take it out and compression. Unplug'ed black wire going the electronics ,still no start.
    It started with the old carb on it but i just replaced the choke assembly,(it was broke) and the old gas lines,they were bad. Haven't put the old carb back on it yet i thought with all that new stuff on it the old girl would perk up… Hummmm??? See Ya

  2. My Subaru generator wont start can you help it starts but dies off it was spilling gad but i fixed it and it was running good right after and then i havent run it in 5 days now it wont work it was spilling a lil oil but nothing big can you help plz

  3. Ok another good vid and i like what sixtyfiveford called you and ill do the same Dr.Pender have you ever used a ultrasonic cleaner for the carbs are any other ideas you have used besides the carb spray.

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