11 thoughts on “#14 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – Ignition gapping and checking for spark

  1. @tv175s3 The timing is preset by lining up the cam shaft and the crankshaft in the proper position See video #6 where I reference the marks on the gears. Thanks for watching.

  2. @sblg43 That's valve timing you mean? Sorry, I was talking about ignition timing. I don't see how this adjusted to let's says 20° advance.

  3. @tv175s3 The flywheel key way ensures that the flywheel can only be properly installed in one position. That position allows the magnet on the flywheel to pass the coil at the correct moment needed to send power to the spark plug.
    Unlike a car/truck, there is no way to "advance" the ignition timing.

  4. I just added solid state ignition to one of these motors. Brand new from amazon and no spark! Do you have an idea on what this could be? I cut the old wires, added the new electric armature and nothing. Do the kill switch wires need to be hooked up?

  5. question: i have a 3hp B&S and and i have no spark, one wire goes from the coil to the points, one to the sparkplug but i dont know where the third wire has to go.

  6. I have a 5hp Briggs and Stratton and it will not get spark . I a have set the points , cleaned the flywheel , new points and condenser . I did all this then started the engine which lasted for 5seconds. Then it stopped running and I stopped getting spark . I rechecked everything and it got a little bit of spark . Ran for about 2seconds . Now whatever I do do it will not get spark . Any ideas why it will not get spark?

  7. Sir, My fly wheel does not move that easy, you are checking for spark with one hand and moving the magnet back and forth with ease.  Should I be concerned that my piston is a little more "stiff" or harder to move?  I think I will not connect the piston and just rotate the fly wheel and condenser with spark plug.

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