22 thoughts on “#15 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – Cylinder Head installation

  1. If you look carefully at the diagram, you will see that I was wrong about where the three longer bolts go. Sorry about that. Thanks for watching.

  2. @89fordf1504 Assuming you have a good spark plug and compression, my guess would be the carburetor. You may have to clean it and/or rebuild it. It's an easy enough thing to do. It also possible that you have bad/old gas. If that is the case, I recommend premium ethanol free gas only. The ethanol in the cheaper gas doesn't play nice with small engines.
    I hope you find the problem. Thanks for watching.

  3. hello, when do you gonna upload number 16 of your video, it's super interesting what you're doing right know with your project, I have the same engine and it's already in pieces, i'm going to rebuild it with you video's.

    grtz from Belgium

  4. I'm missing my headbolts, can I use reagular old stove bolts of the right length and thread. I bought a box of assorted ones with washers and nuts at Walmart for $12 and it has the exact right size. I'm thinking also use washers to mimmick the larger head on the headbolts and spread the tension out a little, though its probably not necessary.

  5. Thanks for watching. I apologize for not have finished this particular series. Once word got out that I was doing small engine repair, I got very busy. It is my intention to complete this series some time this winter. Keep watching for more videos.

  6. I apologize for the long delay. Since starting small engine repair, I just haven't gotten back to finish this particular engine. Please believe me, it's on my mind to do as soon as possible. Thank you so much for watching.

  7. thanks for the reply, believe me i was not being critical. i think that you have done a great job on all the videos that you have posted and i have learned a great deal from them and if you do get around to finishing the engine i will be waiting and watching. keep up the good work.

  8. I had a friend use a commercial parts washer to clean the engine (don't tell his boss). Once the engine was clean, I used high temp engine primer and paint from the local auto parts store. This particular engine is Ford Orange. It is my intention to have a variety of colors for the various 5HP Briggs engines that I have. Thanks for watching.

  9. Correction, the color on this one is Chevy Orange. The 1955 Briggs that I rebuilt is Ford Red. Sorry for the mix up.

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