35 thoughts on “15 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine Rebuild

  1. On a cold engine on the leak down test you will have greater leakage through the the rings than you would on a hot engine where the rings have expanded to close the ring end gap.
    Rebuilding with a small ring gap can cause the rings to break for lack of expansion space. Good rebuild, 5% percent is right on.

  2. How much Time does it take to rebuild an engine i got a 18HP briggs opposed V twin im in need of a tool list on what all tools ill need can anyone help me? please if you have rebuilt a 18HP twin II and got a tool sheet please let me know

  3. @jenniesboy Your just going to need a full set of tools, honestly i reccomend you get a full SAE and metric socket set in deep and shallow in 1/4 3/8 and 1/2 in drive. along with metric and standard wrenches then hammers pliers punches, gear pullers and allot more…

  4. hey how is do you put in the oil slinger and do you have to set any type of timeing on the piston rings

  5. Hi Well done!! I would be intrested in what persentage the leak down test would be after the engine has ran for a few Hours. Did you do one?
    Thanks Steve.

  6. excellent vid nice to see someone knows what they are talking about when posting a vid on the tube lol great job i am a small engine mechanic your vid was informative and precise AAA+

  7. its always a kill switch, or before 1982 it was the points, and kill switch terminal. If you want to know how these magnetos work, let me know and ill explain it to you.

  8. pistons should be the same diameter all the way around, but we cant machine perfectly. Id say its best to do a 6 point measurement just like when you measure a bore

  9. when the rings have seated, and the motor is fully warm the gap is negligent, but on a cold motor, or one thats thats worn, or a scored bore, blowby will be alot worse. Most small engines only need a crank breather because the volume of the crank case increases and decreases by the displacement of the motor (my 18 horse twins crankcase volume changes by 42CID 60 times a second at full governed speed.

  10. if i doesnt turn forewards, try turning it backwards. A hydrolocked motor will not turn through a compression stroke, but can be turned backwards through the intake tube, but it pumps the oil (or water maybee?) into the intake, so itll smoke for a few minutes.

    i was mowing with a 2010 3.5HP craftsman, and it somehow pumped 4 ounces of oil through the breather in one power stroke, and sucked it all through the carb, and locked up on the next powerstroke. I grabbed the blade, and spun it backerds

  11. Depending on how oval your piston was, it may have been ok. Most are designed to compensate for heat expansion around the thicker parts of the skirt. Just something I picked up somewhere else.

  12. doesn't sound to good. did you put the pads back on the top of the valve springs. if you didn't the valves will never be adjusted right. in the video I seen one fall off the valve springs. that's why its making that ticking sound.

  13. Were Did You Get The Gasket Set? I'm Doing some Repair On My Lawn Mower and
    I Finished it but on a first run i blew the Valve cover gasket.
    Please tell me Were You Got The Gasket Set.

  14. About to do one of these. I was disappointed that it cut out putting it back together cause I was hoping to see a couple of things. But I understand if it's only one person shooting that it would be difficult to shoot and work. But disappointment abounds.

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