15 minute Carburetor Cleaning Rebuild Yamaha 20HP outboard 4-stroke

Carburetor Cleaning/Rebuildon 2013 Yamaha 20HP outboard 4-stroke.
Problem: The motor would not idle properly.
Diagnostic steps:
1. Pull cord with throttle wide open to clear any excess fuel
2. Pull cord with throttle cracked slightly while holding rag sprayed with starting fluid to the intake.
3. The motor started at that point and it was determined the problem it was having was lack of fuel (using the rag with fluid offered an alternative source of fuel).
4. Removed brass drain screw from side of carburetor, observed fuel running out indicating the bowl did have fuel supplied to it.

The carburetor did have fuel supplied to it but was failing to mix the fuel with the intake air due to a blockage inside the carburetor itself

Remedy: Remove and clean carburetor fuel passages.

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29 thoughts on “15 minute Carburetor Cleaning Rebuild Yamaha 20HP outboard 4-stroke

  1. How can intake jets get salt in them? That doesn't sound like a correct statement but let me know if I'm wrong? Ref: 5:14 in your video.

  2. Very good video. Super detailed, not boring, got to the point and showed the whole thing. Great job. I'll be attempting this right now. Lol

  3. Always wear gloves when using carb spray or gasoline — never let it get on your skin and, if it does, clean it off immediately!!! He should have removed the float and inspected and cleaned the needle valve?

  4. Great info & thanks to You I did not drop the rubber plug , I was ready for it to come out , My 2015 20 HP Yamaha started right up once I got her clean & it took about 20 min like You said.

  5. I sprayed carb cleaner like the guy on video, got it in my eye just a bit But I lost the gel coating on my eye … so for 2 years I suffered because i did not wear safety glasses please be careful

  6. I have a 25 Hp 4 stroke Suzuki outboard. Currently it starts 2nd pull but will not throttle up out of idle with out dying. Suggestions? (When choked it will throttle up but sounds bogged and wont reach rpm)

  7. You cleaned the bottom of the carb first, then reassembled it. Then you sprayed all the debris from the top of the carb right into the bottom again??? This is a horrible video, both in practice and in methodology. I can only imagine how may parts you have lost.

  8. Thanks for making & posting this video! 4 stroke very sensitive about ethanol fuel & not emptying carb after EVERY run.. Gonna tear into mine now..

  9. This is a fantastic video. Thank you so much for taking the time to create and post this. You've save me many hours of trying to keep my engine running, plus all the time and money to pull the boat out of the water and take it to the shop. I can't say "thanks" enough. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  10. Great video. He does a good job of explaining everything throughout the process; as well as providing amateur instructions on how/why things are done. I plan on using the knowledge on my Yamaha F4x.

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