24 thoughts on “16.5 Briggs and Stratton cranking problems

  1. I see this problem regularly/your cam lobs are wore down /I know it may seem impossible …./trust me iam a master service tec  you have cheep engineering to thank for this ….briggs is aware of this problem ./ there not doing anything about it  the cams are not made the way they used to be . also the clearance for these engines are 3 to 5 for intake 5 to 7 exhaust just in case you were miss informed.

  2. The starters on most small engines, such as a briggs or a kohler, are not nearly powerful enough. The small engines have a relatively high compression ratio. Heavier power and ground cables seem to improve starting quite a bit.

  3. If that's one of the brigs starters with the plastic gear, the teeth may be getting worn causing it to drag. Take a look at it and see what it looks like. You can replace the gear if it looks bad.

  4. Oh it stopped workin'. Dang, can't buy anything for $12.50 at a yard sale anymore and expect it to last…. hahahaha.

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