#16 – Carburetor Linkage Setup – Briggs and Stratton 5HP – 130202

Finally! I get back to this engine. These 5HP Briggs come with a variety of carbs and throttle setups. This model is from 1975 and I had to remember how it went back together after taking it apart over a year ago. I found another 5HP Briggs at the scrap yard that was from 1978. Fortunately for me, it had the exact carb and linkage so I had a tangible reference!


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41 thoughts on “#16 – Carburetor Linkage Setup – Briggs and Stratton 5HP – 130202

  1. I bought a new carb for mine. It comes with a dire warning NOT to take the arm off of the carburetor that you removed to hook the throttle linkage to the governor arm ( Will do irreparable damage to the carb.) The threads inside the carb for the shoulder bolt seem to be a one time ting unless your lucky. . I did like you said on my old carb and the shoulder bolt is now stuck in the carb. The linkage will still pivot, but the only way to ever get it out would be to pull it with something. On the new carb I put the rod in with the carb link and governor lever with the carb off of the tank loosely bolt the carb to the engine and bring the tank up from below and and attach it to the carb.

  2. Thank you. It's both interesting and comical watching you try to figure out the same issues and questions with the linkage configurations that I am having while reassembling my 4 hp B&S which seems almost identical. I appreciate the extra time you take, without abbreviations, to show the connection locations and sequences.

  3. My engine is 130202 1672 02 Ser # 83110906. Would some please email me a still picture where the spring and carb/governor linkage goes? I don't have the threaded rod part that is illustrated in the video. Please I need help. It is very difficult from the side to tell where the spring and control rod goes. Thanks

  4. The exact same job I did on an Mtd leaf vac.Need two pairs of hands and that right hand carb mount bolt is a pain.Just hope I have the linkages on right.Thanks just the video I needed.

  5. Sweet. I tore into one of these, cleaned it all up and didn't get to this step because I had to move. I threw it all in a container… now I can get it together thanks to this vid. Big Thanks!

  6. As far as those carb and gas tank bolts & screws go , I changed them out to Allen heads so I could use a ball-head Allen wrench for those tight angles. Made it much easier

  7. Hi, i have rotortiller with this motor and i'm having trouble to find the idler tensioner, the inner one for the wider belt, do you have any idea where i can buy one?

  8. basically where the cabureta sits on top of the fuel tank, I get oil coming out from between the tank and cabureta. I was wondering is a simple fix or has the engine had it?any advice you may have is very great fully received. thanks gav

  9. Glad to know I'm not the only one who struggles putting all the carb linkages, fuel tank, and carburetor on at the same time. ¬†It's always the same internal conversation. ¬†"Well it came apart easy… I don't remember any special sequences…" ¬†After the third attempt I finally figure it all out. ¬†LOL.

  10. Thanks for making and posting this video!!

    This really helped me get my old hand me down tiller running again. It's great to see all of the inner workings before I disassmbled everything. Made it much easier to put back together.

  11. Got a 130297 1665 01 off a Troy Bilt tiller. Engine was built in 1983. I assume this will be close to the same engine? Very helpful video and thanks!

  12. Nice video, and the new one is even better. Trying to put linkage together on a B&S 1302XX series engine from a Coleman Powermate generator. Pretty similar, but there is a part that goes to mine that I haven't seen on yours. It's very similar to but in addition to the geared pivot linkage on the bottom of the fuel tank mounting bracket. It has a threaded screw that passes through the body of the linkage with an adjustable nut on one side and a spring on the other side of a flange on the fitting. Complicated to describe I know. Anyway, your videos have shown me how to put the majority back together correctly so maybe a little trial and error will see me through the rest.

  13. thank you so much. I took off my gas tank and carb to clean them, then forgot how the linkage went.  Thanks so much, now I can put it back together.  I subscribed, so maybe in the summer I will rebuild everything.

  14. Thanks, your video helped me figure out where to put that little spring at the bottom of the tank to the governor arm. It fell off when I removed the tank and I didn't know where to put it back. My engine is the exactly the same. I just took it apart tonight and my breather tube from the valve cover to the carb had a metal clamp holding it in place. It is held in place by one of the screws that holds the carb onto the gas tank. Great video, it saved my *##. 

  15. In this video, you appear to be using the gas tank that you purchased used. It has been cleaned and painted very nicely. Your entire engine appears to be repainted the same color and it all matches. Great job. What procedures and specific primer/paint brands/type did you use for the tank and the entire engine for that matter?

  16. Good video Sir. A customer just emailed me looking for a carb for one of these engines. Partstree has it for 118 bucks. a tad spendy.  Thank you for taking the time to do the video,  Monte

  17. Thank you for posting this. I borrowed a friends rototiller that would not run. I had to do a complete carb rebuild and cleaning. This video really helped. I got it rebuilt, put back (no extra parts left over) and the garden rototilled today.

  18. I bet I already have a link to that page. Is it outdoorpowerinfoDOTcom? It is a terrific source for carb rebuild info. I am also partial to donyboy73 videos. I visit all the time to learn learn learn. Thanks again for watching.

  19. I do not have a carb rebuild video for this particular carb. I am planning on it with another engine that has the same carb. But I don't know how soon I will get that done. Thanks for watching.

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