9 thoughts on “16HP Briggs & Stratton Vanguard VTWIN, bad carb

  1. I have one just like that and it was just like that even after i thoroughly cleaned the carb. I found it was because i was using just gravity feed.when i put the fuel pump back on it ran perfect!

  2. What did you do to fix this issue? My same model Vanguard ran beautiful until I let it run clean out of gas recently.. When I filled the tank back up.. It ran about 3 mins then would not start.. I tried a bunch of different things.. Finally I got irritated and took the Carburetor top cover off.. I noticed what looked like a lot of old fuel at the bottom of the bowl.. I took the compressor and blew it all out..  then blew out all the little ports.. Then filled with with fresh gas in the carb bowl, and purges the lines.. The engine started up, but now runs the same way.. only on choke just like yours.. I am stumped.. Any resolve? 

  3. Hello I just bought a mini chopper and I believe it has the same motor as this but the shaft that the flywheel is mounted on split open on a test start and I was wondering if you could give me a model number so I could order some parts I would really appreciate it!! Thanks!

  4. I was looking around on You Tube and luckily noticed your video. I have a Cushman cart the same as you, and need to find out some information on the rear end transmission. I have no idea where to find parts for this gearbox. Can you help?"

  5. I Have a 1997 Brigs & Stratton Vangard V Twin 16 hp engine. I need to replace the carburator or fix it. I don't know the part number of the carburator

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