18 hp briggs and stratton misfire and won’t start… problem fixed

i was having all kind of problems trying to start my lawn tractor, everything began when i replaced the crankcase gasket, i also removed the flywheel to check the alternator, when i put everything back i didn’t tide the flywheel hard enough and when try to start, didn’t have good spark . i check for timing, bought a new ignition coil, new spark plugs, and the only problem was the key flywheel, i totally shred it . I replaced and that fixed the problem



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  1. I have a craftsman lts1500 Briggs &Stratton 17.5 hp. I've clean just about everything possible but the mower will only run on high. The throttle has to be half way to start. Have you or anyone self run into this problem?

  2. Hey buddy,what did you say was wrong with your tractor.I remember you saying it but you had the motor running and I couldn't hear what ya said.All I heard was something about a key.Could you please let me know what you said.My tractor doesn't run and I'm trying everything possible.Thank you.

  3. love the opposed twin Briggs…. I put a 20hp one in my own garden tractor and I have a 16hp one sitting waiting for another tractor for me to put it in… got the tractor the 20hp and the 16hp all free… gotta love free.

  4. Had same issue, engine would turn over but only started twice and backfired loud once in like 15 tries. checked all wire connections, replaced pto safety switch (which was bad), finally removed engine cover and noticed plug wires were chewed up by mice. Put on new coil that I bought from eBay, fine tuned air/fuel mixture on carb and now it starts first try and runs great. This is a 90's Signature 2000 mower sold by late Montgomery Wards ..

  5. When I was a kid, we had a Toro mower with a Briggs and Stratton engine. We used to pull on the starter for hours and hours.
    When I was older, I worked on farms during the summer. During harvest the augers had Briggs and Stratton engines. We would spend hours and hours trying to get the damn things started. Finally we had to hook the augers up to a PTO on a tractor to unload grain.
    Now, I am older I have a Craftsman riding lawn mower with a Briggs and Stratton 18.5hp Intek motor. I have owned it for perhaps 10 years. It worked one summer. I decided to get it going again. I have replaced the spark plug, the fuel lines, the carburetor, the fuel filter, the fuel pump, drained all the fuel and have fresh gas. For larks I even replaced the the magneto even though I have spark. Guess what? It is still a pile of junk.
    How does Briggs and Stratton stay in business?
    Their logo should be… "Briggs and Stratton. American Made Crap for almost 110 years."

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