13 thoughts on “18 HP Briggs and Stratton oposed TWIN IC update an start up

  1. im guna go one under each footplate or rite out the back im allso guna make it so i can reuse the stock cans on the ends on my streat pipes just for driven on road an stuff so ppl dont bitch its to loud lol

  2. Hey, could you make a video of your throttle set up. I have the same engine im using for a go kart but have no idea how to set up the throttle haha.

  3. +crazylikealbert could you do a how to vid on the way you have your steering handle bar set up I like the idea and want to do it to my Murray wide body lt thanks

  4. hey my man i got the same engine on my log splitter can't find any numbers besides 18hp power built
    where did u find the head gaskets any part numbers help a brother out

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