1937 2hp Lister D – Improved running – Stationary engine

I have managed to smooth out the running on this engine by adjusting the amount of play in the horizontal governor rod and fitting a sprung washer.



7 thoughts on “1937 2hp Lister D – Improved running – Stationary engine

  1. Cheers Dan, I certainly am happy with the result, it chugs away all day, and ran very well at Launceston on the weekend.

    The belting is sold by SEM on their website or their ebay shop, and is indeed sold by the meter. It seems pretty good. The joining stuff is theirs as well.

  2. Now thats running like a D type should. Nice work Henry… you must be chuffed with the result?

    Is that orange flat belt the stuff sold buy the meter on ebay??

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