1949 Briggs and Stratton Model A

Completely restored January 1949 build date – to better than new condition, soon to go on our 1963 McDonough Tin Lizzy model T go-kart. Will upload video when complete.



6 thoughts on “1949 Briggs and Stratton Model A

  1. @Hallaran Thanks Hallaran, the brass look is brite kote gold spray paint, if you try it dont try to put clear laquer over it they dont like each other. check back in a couple weeks ( hopefully ) Im finishing up a 1942 model Z with a lot of tedious pot metal, and aluminum polishing, youll like this one, are you in the middle of any now ?

  2. @MrZorrack Great idea to use the Brite Kote Gold. I am impressed by the ability for the Z to run at a lower RPM. I have several projects going on with the smaller (lighter) Briggs engines right now. I have experimented with pot metal polishing = also possibly finding a cheaper way to plate the potmetal. I have plated one carb already but it was more expense then I really wanted to pay so I continue look for more alternatives.

  3. I was just looking at this motor today and decided to take another try at getting it to run correctly, After reading a post on smokstak about a model Z running the same way due to a incorrect main needle supplied in the rebuild kit, and I seem to remember a small difference between the main needles holes being in a different orientation and thats all it takes to make the motor stumble when you give it some throttle.

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