35 thoughts on “1956 evinrude lower unit rebuild and run

  1. I love these videos I'm only 12 and he's inspired me to start taking apart small Engines including chainsaws and it is just a blast thanks mustie

  2. mustie1, I thought that using threaded rod and putting an undercut in the end of the rod with a grinding wheel or angle grinder would have allowed you to "pull" the inserts out with less trauma to the metal. However as usual you did it your way and achieved the same result. I fully agree with other comments, your style and the way you tackle problems is an inspiration to the younger generation, anything to get kids into real tactile work and away from gaming consoles can only be good.
    Keep up the great work and can't wait till the next video.

  3. Thanks Mustie! I just purchased a '59 Evinrude which is very similar to the one you repaired, so now I have a much better idea on how to change out the seals and impeller. I really appreciate the how-to videos very well done, keep up the good work!

  4. realised how precarious it is fixing things thinking they might be broken but it might be just a bolt thats loose or something on the wrong way round or wrong part etc! cool thanks Mustie

  5. I am in Canada and find it amazing how easy it seems that you can buy repair kits etc for any stuff you try to repair. Up here we struggle.

  6. Hi Mustie1, Watching your videos all summer. I am a auto body Instructor in Canada. Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? Keep up the videos and happy hunting for cool stuff.

  7. If you would have asked me, I would have told you the neutral problem was because of the slack in linkage coupler, but you didn't ask. 😛

  8. I remember seeing some of these still in use in the 70s when I was a kid. I remember those knobs. Back then they would've been around 20 years old. Cool

  9. I like the way you pick up a "throw away" and getting it to run like it was designed to. I love to hear these things run after being forgotten.

  10. Still bugging me, Bombardier still publish manuals and parts guides for those engines, would it be worth dropping them an email about that shaft/pinion?

    Looks very similar to the 1802S 1968 outboard

  11. Over the last couple days I watched about a half dozen of your older vids, bout a year or older, and I enjoyed your interaction with the audience as if this was all a live show. But now watching some of your more recent vids I can see that developed even further. Makes things much more involving, I enjoy that one-on-one vibe and the personality you bring to us with your projects!

  12. Yes the coupler was the culprit when you were harassing it inwhen you were trying to get it off. Only the the bottom bolt is loosened and when the lower unit comes off it slides right out >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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