12 thoughts on “1962 Briggs & Stratton vintage NOS 6hp engine cushman O.M.C. closet find

  1. That's a gorgious engine and story. I recently found a Briggs and Stratton 6hp reduction early 60s. Never been fired ever. I got it sparking put oil in it for the first time. It is totally NOS. I am not going to fill the tank just fill thru the plug and see what happens. I posted a video of it. There was no oil in the sump it's spotless inside and the carb.

  2. Excellent video. The "spirit" around small engines like this is wonderful, and timeless it seems. I know that every time I see one, no matter the age or condition or horsepower, I get a rush of happiness and excitement, and I guess I become a kid again at heart – Thanks for sharing your engine and it's history.

  3. @indestructableforce wanting it my whole life ,im going to have to pick the perfect thing to put it on ,it is still sitting in the dining room ,dont have the heart to take it to the shop ,thanks

  4. thats really nice to have all that history to go with the engine. I love stories like that. I'll be watching for the start up vids. 🙂 thanks for sharing this

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