1962 Simplicity walk behind tractor model W

Vintage simplicity walk behind tractor model W with tiller and snowblower attachment. Briggs & Stratton 8 hp engine model 19.
Was sitting under tarp in a barn for many years, needed point adjustment, new spark plug, new fuel line and fuel filter, carburetor rebuilt kit to finally get it running.
There is a low compression issue, so stay tuned for an update video.,.,



5 thoughts on “1962 Simplicity walk behind tractor model W

  1. The Model "W" is the biggest and baddest of the vintage Simplicity line. Nice find you have there. I just love walk behind tractors!

  2. The only real problems with these motors is that the coil behind the flywheel likes to go bad, but you can buy new (repo) for $25.00.

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