45 thoughts on “1969 vw fastback sitting 19 years, will it run?

  1. Why don't you use propane?
    Just hold an unlit torch into the intake.
    They will usually start no matter what condition the carb is in.
    I don't recommend this trick on two strokes though, for obvious reasons. 🙂

  2. was that thing fuel injected from factory? I ask because I didn't think they even had computers then. I'm thinking of older rabbits that had mechanical fuel injection even on gas cars.

  3. This VW was the first car sold in the US in large numbers with Electronic fuel Injection in 1969. They had quite a few failures when first sold that caused VW a lot of problems.
    The fuel injection system was called BOSCH L JETRONIC.
    The old fuel pump and injectors are probably glued solid from fuel varnish and wont make any pressure or spray.
    I worked for a Florida VW dealer when these were new back in 1969.
    The pump is external and easily replaced,. Its less than $25 dollars on EBAY for a cheap OEM.
    Check for a voltage pulse at the injectors when cranked.
    The distributor has a second set of points under the main breaker plate that trigger the fuel injection system and they get corroded like the ignition points.
    Beware of rotten rubber high pressure fuel lines every where and rotten rubber injector seals causing vacuum leaks at the manifolds.
    These cars burned often from fuel leaks.
    This model VW was called in the US the TYPE 3 FASTBACK.
    They probably drove this old VW untill it died from all those things I mentioned.
    And the Metal Termites.

  4. One of VW's less inspired decisions was to package fuel injection and auto. trans. into the type 3. Eventually, they managed to pollute the type 1 and type 2 with similar troublemakers.
    The nicest rig I ever saw was a type 3 wagon with a single, center-mounted solex carb.

  5. I had that car as a toy when I was a kid. It was Bordeaux Red.
    You're a magician , man. Love the sound of it when it started. Well done! (o:

  6. How can someone send you a PM? There's an Craig List posting for a VW 1500 engine for sale I saw this AM. Looks like he has a lot of VW stuff (or junk, or treasure, or VW gold) for sale. 6246699020

  7. Nice project. It reminds me of the movie 'Sleeper' where Woody Allen wakes up 200 years in the future. At one point he and Diane Keaton find an old VW Bug  in a cave. Wood reaches in and turns the key and it starts right up!

  8. Well it was registered at least, if not running, no earlier than 1999, which is when New Hampshire went to that style of license plate.

  9. I could sit and watch you fiddle about with old engines all day and night if i had the time . so so satisfying to see them given a second chance of another life ,

  10. Amazing how, with a bit of persuasion these old cars just fire up like that. It sounded like a good runner too. My Uncle had one but had to sell it because his wife at the time didn't like the pedals that sprouted from the floor. My dad had a Beetle and always wanted an upgrade to a T3! Very very rare in the UK now. I'll have to make do with my toy one!

  11. Hi, we had a 1969 Square Back also with automatic transmission. Not sure if you know this but on this year car anyway, you have to put it in neutral to start it with the key; it doesn't start in Park. Hope this helps!

  12. Better reverse those louvers/ IIRC VW put out a replacement molding you can put in that faces the louvers forward to receive air instead of reverse which venturi the air away from the enging, causing burned valves. ask me how I know. Ah, 1971, good year!!

  13. Never really liked the fast back myself. They were difficult to work on and I didn't really find them useful. My grandfather like them though. Good luck.

  14. I noticed you always have issues  with batteries. I had the same problem until I bought a maintainer. In the winter months I put all my unused batteries in a corner and alternate the maintainer to a different battery every 2 weeks and in the spring they're fresh and ready to go. You can put a battery box and a solar powered maintainer on your trailer too. I've been using a Schumacher XM1-5 Maintainer, 1.5-Amp $20.00 at Walmart, had it for years.

  15. The fuel injected engine is well worth getting sorted, a friend put one in his Combi, a very useful performance boost without being too crazy. Not many Variants around these days

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