1974 Briggs and Stratton 60102 2 HP

This is one of my favorite Briggs and Stratton engines. Original paint and decals. Original spark plug / points / condenser. This one is a real survivor. There are a few paint chips here and there, but I prefer to leave it original rather than touch up the paint. Type: 0015-01 Code:741203-03 A really nice 100% original 2 3/8″ “Kool Bore” engine Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “1974 Briggs and Stratton 60102 2 HP

  1. I just pulled one out of a burnt shed, after 5 years, and it still runs !! with a burnt plug lead, burnt recoil, burnt oil fill caps, and almost all paint gone.

  2. I have a golden boy that couldn't have been run for more than 5 hours. it was crystal clear inside. no evidence of gas being in the tank, no oil, and a tiny bit of black in the muffler. that or someone restored it prior to selling it

  3. Nothing special? Do you see a golden boy 2 or 2.5hp with all original paint and little use everyday? Same goes for the 5s! Make more vids' they are wonderful

  4. The color of paint used here says this was a service replacement engine… the type number, too, suggests so!

    Date of manufacture: December 3, 1974

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