1977 – 2 Horsepower BRIGGS and STRATTON Engine. STORED for 10 years. Will it still run?

An old 2 Horsepower Briggs and Stratton Engine is tested out after sitting for 10+ years! Will it still RUN? 2 hp Model Side shaft horizontal shaft motor.
Manufactured in 1977
model # 60102 0387 02
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17 thoughts on “1977 – 2 Horsepower BRIGGS and STRATTON Engine. STORED for 10 years. Will it still run?

  1. Jeff
    I have a 2.0 that needs a carb. It’s on an old Power Trim 100 edger, numbers on the metal near carb……60102 0213 01 6606131.
    It looses power when I try to edge grass then it comes out of adjustment. I bought it off an old guy and he tinkered with it but also mentioned he had to adjust carb. Do they make carbs for this old of an engine that will still work with this set up or do I re-engineering with BS 550 83132 type 0224 F1. Numbers from Power Trim website or GX120 UT2QA2
    Please help summer’s almost here in Denver
    Transplant from Bellevue Wa

  2. Found one on side of road. Dude gave up on it.

    Turns out it just needed the pcv valve unclogged and needed new gas and a jet adjustment

  3. is there any way you could tell me how much it weighs? Also, the dis placement? Trying to compare this to the newer 79cc predator. I would rather have an old Briggs if it is light enough.

  4. excuse me for being a skeptic first off the tittle says stored 10 years then you say a couple years

    which is it 2 or 10 & also are you saying you just brought it out & fired it up without any new gas or ????

  5. I just got one from a 2hp tiller! Cast iron flywheel. As new. There's nothing to/in that carb. More like a straw in a cup.

  6. i got one from early 60's. its a 2hp. it set in a attic. the people told me for about 25-30 yrs. there grandfather put it there. was inside a box with burlap over it. but lil fresh oil and cleaning. it fired up. it will idle well. can idle it were it almost cant run. amazing how good it runs.

  7. Not bad considering it ain't designed to run on the "stuff" we call fuel now a days. Give a drink of piston style Av gas to it and bet she run like new.

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