1979 Hayter Hayterette

my 1979 Hayter Hayterette Professional with a 1979 Briggs And Stratton 5hp (13cu)

Anyone Other Than Lovers Of Lawnmowers Will Say That This Is Boring.

Engine is a 1979 5hp I/C

131922 0131 01 79031506

When I purchased this mower last year (2015) it was a non runner)

It was partially seized – exhaust box rotten – deck was nearly black and covered in old old grass – blades were blunt and bent – points were nasty all i did was clean and gap them – head was coked up – air cooling fins were all blocked with oily grassy muck – undoing one of the exhaust studs inadvertantly snapped one of them. i intend on drilling it out and putting a quieter exhaust box on eventually. The previous owner was the original owner.

The serial number is not visible it must have been repainted at some stage.

I have always liked the original 5hp big block 🙂 (13 model series) the sound at idle etc reminds me of harley davidson motorcycles 🙂

Any Questions Please ask.



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