20 thoughts on “1980’s Sears Craftsman II: Briggs & Stratton 18hp Twin

  1. I like the 5 + 6 speed transmissions! LOL! They go faster
    I definitely would have purchased it….Only for that engine!
    The starter on my 18.5 did the same thing. Fortunately, it has lasted for 3 years now.
    Great vid bud

  2. Cool little crapsman lol! The seiold may be bad that's what my cub did jump across the seiold to see it might be that or the battery.

  3. @1968hambone That is the plan, I certainly don't need another machine hanging around. Should make someone a nice little mower.

  4. aw the famous cube tractor with an opossed twin i got me a 19 hp lt1000 a 96 model and when i bought it in 08 i had some problems with the electrical, ive replaced everything except the starter switch.. but i tell you what i haven't had a problem with that mower in 2 years…well except me ruining a deck spindle last week when i hit a stump.. but anyways i love them twins they got such a better sound then the single cylinders that are made in the 80s and 90s

  5. @TheSaturnV Thanks for the vote of confidence brother. The trick will be to not fix it up as if I were keeping, then I'll blow any profit out of the water, lol.

  6. Big Dog is back! 00:05 hilarious! Starter coming, sharpen blades and new belts. You know what honey? We sure could use a backup tractor. … Ya but all my buddies have at least 5! … Ooookay, Iโ€™ll wait for another Suburban.

    HQ just called. Said you need to get a 2nd Suburban going with the profits from the craftsman or you could lose your SSBTC franchise. lol

  7. @Chooman69 LOL! There actually is a second Suburban on the property, an ST/16. However, it's donating some goodies to the CreamSicleยฎ project. ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. @ShnitzlHaus ๐Ÿ˜€ You know, that's not a bad idea. Think I'll put the money I get in an envelope and have it ready for the next collectible that always seems to pop up on CL at the wrong time!

  9. @oologahan Well I won't up to you in the tractor dept any time soon, lol. I put a starter in it and it fired right up. Nice sounding twin cylinder. I hate to get rid of it but I just don't need it.

  10. I have one with a 16 twin, first twin ive owned too… mines an 87 and yours looks newer so id say its about an 88 or 89, mine has the shifter between the legs and the dash is diffrent and it has the manual lift-up pto lol, every time i start it i need to jump it so i think my starter is going, oh great ^_^

  11. Just curious what the model number of this tractor is. I have found at least 3 models of the 18hp Craftsman II with the transmission shifter in the center with the 3 gears and high-low range lever, but this version has the shifter on the right fender. Looking at one on my local craigslist like this too. Odd there would be 4 different versions of the same machine, maybe minor year to year changes.

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