11 thoughts on “1997 Murray 18hp 46″ Cut

  1. could you show all of the connections for removing and replacing the deck? I should have taken pictures when I took mine off

  2. You don't seem to know much about Murray mowers so I'll help you. they are industrial commercial engines because they have cast iron engines for longer life. the deck on that mower is 16 gauge steel. grease fittings on the deck and front end. I have one like this one and a 1992 that run like new. as with anything if you don't take care of it will not last.

  3. Hello, I just purchased a murray lawn mower that is identical to yours except mine has much taller rear tires. I am in desperate need of a new hood. Actually all i need is the black grill part. Do you have any idea where to get one of these hoods? Any help would be much appreciated.

  4. I did my first job cutting grass on a similar Murray. 14 hp opposed twin, same deck, 6 speed transaxle. This one had a way more squared off front end, though. It was a good tractor. Then, dad bought an '84 or '85 Deere 165 hydro and gave me his MTD.

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