1999 Club Car DS, Gas – Clean Carb, Replace Fuel Pump

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14 thoughts on “1999 Club Car DS, Gas – Clean Carb, Replace Fuel Pump

  1. When replacing the Driven clutch on a Club Car DS, should I apply anti-seize or some type of grease to the keyed shaft before re-installing the clutch.

    The original '97 clutch came off pretty easily. I want to be sure it will come easily again, if I need to replace the clutch in the future. I watched your videos on Club DS gas and did not find my question addressed. Thank you for your help.

  2. I have an 89 club car d.s.. it runs great on short trips but if you drive fora long time it dies.. Had carb cleaned ,oil changed ,new fuel filter. It actually had 2 fuel filters one in front of carb and one behind. The one behind was removed. It runs rich, can smell gas when driving it. And like I said it stops after awhile I had to push choke in to get it home , actually all the way home what could be wrong ?

  3. you went from chunks if carb bowl to video of carb reinstalled. What happened in between? Kind of critical in a video about a cart that wasn't running. Why would you leave cloudy gas in the tank? Lots of unsabered question and confusion in this video.

  4. Mine cranks over when you switch it to forward and doesn’t crank when u push the gas and it keeps cranking after its started how do I fix that it’s a 98 fe 290

  5. When trying to start it at the end, you used an air compressor to spray some air into the fuel tank. And then it started. What did that do?

  6. Kievn: ?? How come you never take a air hose to each cart to blow off the motor with heavy dust and leaves on each unit?? Thank you! Ken lacated East of Cleveland, Ohio.

  7. I've got a 82 g1a yamaha 2 stroke gas powered cart it's getting fuel and spark the tricky part is if i squirt gas into carb it will run after sitting a few minutes i have to repeat the process any clue what could be the problem? I've replaced the carb,fuel pump,spark plug and still can't figure it out please help.
    Thank You

  8. I have an FE350 engine I'm going to use for a belt driven power washer Im building. Question. It has a gravity fed fuel system with a tank. Could it be possible for me to remove the tank and add a larger auxilary fuel tank and install a fuel pump to this engine? It seems like a far superior engine to the comperable Hondas or clones out there.

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