13 thoughts on “#1Taking apart and rebuilding a small engine series

  1. Have an engine where all 3 bolt heads broke off. Welding shop could not remove them after hearing them up. The motor did not smoke but can't get them off. The shaft is bent so I will keep what I can and throw it away.

  2. Hi gene. I started rebuilding mine today. However, the starter cable is hard to pull. Upon further inspection, the piston is not moving freely inside of the engine. Any tips?

  3. I'm 16 in Canada and wanting to start a career in small engine mechanics. Any money in it? What should I do straight out of highschool, anyway to start getting experience/practice on my own. Info is appreciated

  4. just got mine going, put it on a referbished deck and now it has front wheel drive. Total investment $11.38 in paint to paint the deck and fill dings, I came out super good and I used it all summer to mow yards

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