11 thoughts on “#2 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – Internal governor assembly – block side

  1. Great video. If the governor is shot, would the engine always rev high? I have a craftsman chipper that runs OK at low speed, but revs way too high at high speed. Thanks for any help before I sink time and money into this.

  2. Hey! Not sure how often you check up on here but I've come across this same engine and have decided to use these videos as a guide to help me. I'm not too familiar with anything like this so these videos are a huge help.

  3. When the installation is complete, it is important that the paddle be pointed down, but it isn't that important that it be done "before" the pin is put in place. Thanks for watching.

  4. OK. Understood. Thanks for the part #; I did find it, and a whole bunch more.
    You've put together a *really* good set of videos!

  5. I won't give you any specifics because I don't want to play favorites with the many different parts people on the internet but – if you google your engine model and code, you will find parts diagrams. Find the specific number for that part and then google that part number – example "Briggs and Stratton 230723". You should come up with some place that will have the part available. Thanks for watching.

  6. I have the exact same engine, but the governor paddle is broken. Except for that, the engine runs fine (with a *very* careful hand on the throttle!). Could you tell me where I could get a new governor paddle and shaft?

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