43 thoughts on “20 hp briggs and stratton rebuild

  1. @ 20:33 – One is chlorinated the other is not. Non-chlorinated is safer on plastic parts and is less irritating if inhaled, and may also be less flammable and safer for the environment. It may also not work as well, I always use the regular, chlorinated kind.

  2. How about showing us how to convert a 20 hp briggs from vertical to horizontal shaft operation (the oil pick-up etc.).  The Vertical shaft engines are cheap and I think that they are almost the same engine.

  3. I don't understand why you made this video. Title states rebuild. But you did everything without letting us know exactly what you did. I am wanting to tear my engine down and need a step by step guide. This video is definitely not that. So i guess you made the video just because you wanted to. There is nothing useful to learn, if anyone knows of a good rebuild video please let us know.

  4. This guy may have some mechanical ability, but the foul language doesn't help anything, and the hell hole of a garage certainly doesn't help.

    You can easily boil-off 90% of this video as fluff.

  5. A few things to consider… Get a tripod! People watch this for mechanical info that you're completely omitting. Nobody gives two shits how long the next step keeps taking. Finally, there's a lot of crybaby bitches that don't approve of the fucking "F word". I personally could care less as long as the mechanicals are shown with a good description.

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