2002 EZGO gas Golf Cart governor adjustment 20+ MPH

I discovered that you can tighten the coiley spring on the cable and that is what you get because there is a REV LIMITER that stops you from going faster, you will notice it goes then cuts out then goes again and so on do to the rev limiter, so loosen the coiley spring then test drive, repeat untill it just stops hitting the rev limiter (i got 17mph on my phones gps speedo test)and thats as fast as your going to go, then put 23″ tall tires on it (liftkit required) and you will be over 20+ mph



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  1. You're the man 👍
    You've pointed me in the right direction 👍my ezgo was giving me fits until I udjusted the governer cable….. Wow that did it!

  2. I have this same cart. Can anyone send pics of the electrical plat assembly. I had to order a new solenoid and regulator. This cart was flooded last year with our hurricane. All wiring and this plate assembly was totally corroded. I just got new ones but need to see where the wires connect back to. Any help will be appreciated

  3. Long story but I took the starter/alt out of my bosses 2002 ez go workhorse golf cart because it wore out. I left one wire attached to it so I'd know my wiring diagram putting it back in. Not realizing they were going to take it and have it rebuilt they took that wire off of it and I don't think it's in the right place when they put the wire back on so now I'm all throwed off as to what wire goes where.. I've googled and googled but no success in finding the actual wiring diagram for the 5 or 6 wires from the cart to the starter. Can anyone help me out and save my butt from wiring it back wrong and burning it up please???

  4. just change the gears in the trans axle, i changed from 12 to 1 to 8 to1 .cut my engine rpms down golf cart is quiet and fast. takes a couple of hours cost about 300 but it is worth it.

  5. Never put your golf carts engine at max speed like don't set it wide open it will eventually blow the motor it happened to my brand new ezgo golf cart it cracked the whole motor in half we had to buy a new engine

  6. The governor is the device that limits the speed of the engine. The Ezgo carts are set to run around 12 – 15 mph from the factory, this is to reduce liability for golf course's. It is also a federal mandate (USA)that these vehicles go no faster than 19.9 mph. Any faster and the cart makers would be required have to have seat belts and other saftey features which are not practical.
    Ok, with that said the gas carts can run faster by adjusting the governor, but keep in mind that running the engine faster will increase engine wear.

    The governor is located on top of the rear axle housing, on some models there will be a protection plate above it.
    There are a few different types depending on the year of the cart. This is for the 4 stroke carts (it's the same for some of the last 2 stroke models but i'm not sure of the years). The first one starting around 1991 to 2000 will look like this.

    The threaded rod that runs through the spring has a bigger nut and a locking nut which is wire tied on factory carts to hold it in place. These will need to be tightend up till the desired speed is reached.

    These engines have a rev limiter which will cut the ignition off and on around 4300 rpm. The engine will sputter at higher speeds. You need to set the governor so the engines speed is under the rev limiter. It will take some adjusting to get this just right.

    The 2001 and up is adjusted the same way(brand new models may not be the same), it looks a little different and has only one self-locking nut.

    Alright, one more ? , I tightened the gov. up, it runs like a bat out of hell, now the problem, off idle it wants to burp a little, like it gona spit back thru the carb, but once you get past that it`s runs great, do I need to adjust the valves ? or is it too lean ?

    You just need to make sure the carb closes before the ignition is shut off. It won't hurt to adjust the valves. I would also recomnend you run a good synthetic oil like mobile1
    Ezgo governor adjustment 4 strokes
    In side the rear is the little weight that spin around and when they get to spinning to fast it pulls back through the lever on the cable going to the engine. The spring on the cable coming from the throttle allows for this movment and lets the gov do this. by tightening up the spring you are taking away some amount of movement the gov. can pull the cable. so what your basically doing by tightening the spring is not letting or limiting the amount the gov. can effect the system.
    I always adjust them to where they won't dog out but not so much that it starts hitting the rev limiter. it'll probably take a few adjustment to get it where you like it, just try not to go so far your hitting the rev limiter (it starts sputtering)

  7. Not a "certified " expert but from real life exp. your very likely to blow the motor. These small cart motors are not made for speed. 20 – 25 mph is all your going to get without blowing it . Again : disclaimer: im not a "certified Expert" just speaking from exp.

  8. The screw with the locking but on the carb is the air fuel ratio. Those Robin 2 cylinder engines don't like a high rpm when they get some hours on them as the valve springs tend to float and drop valves. I worked for five years as a golf cart repairman. You will end up doing more damage with higher rpms from governor adjustment. Make sure the belt is not worn and that both clutches are working properly. I wouldn't adjust the governor for speed for customers. A life kif and larger tires will get you more top end speed

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