2003 Honda Rancher 350 carburetor fix

I had a 2003 Honda rancher 350 that was not running properly, it was sputtering and was acting like it was flooded out, so I took the carburetor apart to see if there was anything inside that would be making it run like this and I found a lot of gunk inside that carburetor and jets. Honda ranchers if not taking care of properly have a bad problem with their carburetors getting filthy, I used carburetor cleaner and a air blower and I cleaned it out and made it run like new so make sure you run premium/non-ethanol gas in all your Four Wheeler’s and small engines to make them run better and longer. this will work pretty much the same on any Honda rancher from 2001-2006Thank you for watching please comment or hit thumbs up if this video was helpful.



21 thoughts on “2003 Honda Rancher 350 carburetor fix

  1. I watched this for a minute and thought it was my brother. So as I was watching he says:"got to be careful with that right here" and then drops the carburetor. That's when I said "yep this has got to be my brother." But after a few more minutes I realized it wasn't my brother. Now I am trying to confirm if I'm related to him some how.
    Anyway, the video helped me feel comfortable with forcing the carburetor loose. I have forced things in the past, well a lot of things, and broke them. Thanks for the help.

  2. I like to shut off the gas and run it until it dies before i put it up for a while. Then there should be almost no fuel inside the carburetor. I also do that with a moped that i leave inside my home to hopefully lessen the smell of raw fuel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good video. My 2006 just went to shit all at once. Idles fine. Bogs on acceleration and dies if I open the airbox lid. So I'm assuming it might be lean.
    Hoping its bad gas or water (we hada hell of a t-storm here in N Wyo last nite) in the fuel.
    But if its the carb I'll at least have a running start on getting it off. Thanks for posting.
    Ves heil

  4. just put new carb on and the drain at bottom of bowl drains the gas on constant basis and the screw is all the way closed. anyone can tell what t5he problem may be. i think someone put the wrong screw in it because do not think screw is all the way in

  5. 2nd best 4-wheeler honda ever made, 1 was this old 250 recond, i did everything i could to break it ao i could het a new one. And i mean everything. And it would start right back up evert time. Now i would sell or for antrhung

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