2004 Club Car Precedent, Gas – Crank, No Start, Adjust Governor

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12 thoughts on “2004 Club Car Precedent, Gas – Crank, No Start, Adjust Governor

  1. as a club car technician, i can tell you from just looking at the gov shaft, its way out of adjusment, should be able to see the hole when youre staring at it from your position. if they have been running it like that for a while, its time to replace the coil & rpm limiter, we have this problem very frequently, great videos

  2. Kevin go to Gcor precedent Club car on you tube to see the replacement issue. Note I have to get a go pro my phone camera sucks. Bare with me.

  3. Great video new sub here. We have around 20 gas carts at the retreat center I work at whenever I have to run a cart still for any length of time I have to put it on the lift or jack up the backend and keep it in gear rather than maintenance mode. Supposedly when you run it in neutral the upper part of the rear diff that is still spinning isn't getting lubricated because the bottom isn't turning and too long may cause damage. I've never had a rear differential apart so I haven't been able to see for myself the way that it's built inside if that would be true or not… any thoughts on that ??

  4. hello I like your channel lots of great videos. hope you can help me I have a 2012 club car xrt 800 it has the Kawasaki FE350D engine. its running rough, low power etc.. even in neutral it seem to rev rough can are these FE350 motors known for blowing headgaskets? I cant feel any blowing air but im getting a noise almost a squeaking sound when reving it up and that engine running rough makes me feel it is. the best analogy I can give it ist running like a twin cylinder motor with 1 spark plug wire pulled off they will start and run but when you rev them up they rev slow and lack power and labor during acceleration and under a load.

  5. Great video… I have a 2005 and it takes off too quickly. Any idea why and what I can do to retard the take off speed? Thanks

  6. Great video Kevin! Without your videos I would be lost as there is very limited information available online. I bought a club car precedent 2012 FE350 used from a neighbor for the family to scoot around town. I adjusted the throttle cable beneath the floor board to near max, and was topping out at 14 mph. Street regulations in the area require minimum available speed of 20 mph. I’ve always noticed how no matter what speed I’m going, the cart revs up to speed as expected, then you can hear the governor kick in and settle into a steady speed. Always smooth, no jerkiness, no backfires, no issues that I can hear, feel, or see. From watching this video you talk about the “sweet spot” on the governor. In this video it seems that the sweet spot is the spot where when the accelerator is pushed to the floor, the engine runs smoothly and the governor kicking in is not necessary as you’re not exceeding a dangerous motor rpm. Could you expand on the sweet spot setting? Also, with stock tires, what should be the expected top speed of a cart of this type? Thanks for any help you can give.

  7. I have a club car with FE350 motor. It starts up and runs good when warm, but hard to start when cold. Cold start, it will crank and crank, but if I let off the gas fast and then push the gas pedal immediately, it will give a small backfire , then start. Sometimes when I put it in reverse, it will give a small backfire, then start, sometimes even when warm. A separate issue I have is that there is a sweet spot when starting the cart. I have to feather the gas pedal until I find where it will start to crank. There is a kind of thump (maybe solenoid) and the starter generator will just barely turn, then nothing. If I feather the pedal back and forth, it will eventually start to crank. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Have you ever come across these issues with a gas cart?
    2000 gas ds issues.

    1) Key wont turn cart off but can't start the cart with key off.
    2) cart just idles and won't turn off when foot is off the gas pedal.

    Things done to the cart.

    1) new carb
    2) new carb / governor cable
    3) throttle cable and pedal assembly

    Cart did the same with the old carburetor as with the new one.

    Posibliy the voltage regulator is wrong or the throttle bar needs to be adjusted under the cart?

  9. I like the fact that you point out safety issues.  The golf cart is a low speed vehicle.  If you want something to go faster, purchase a ATV, UTV, or other vehicle.  Sooner or later, some politician is going to say that they need to make golf carts safer and therefore you need crash worthiness, 4 wheel brakes, and on an on.

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