41 thoughts on “2007 Weed Eater Lawnmower Repaired

  1. wow thats cool just a little over a week ago my father bought that same weedeater mower for $158.00 at walmart but its still in the box but is a pretty nice mower cool and it has the same features as yours hasnt been fired yet but will soon when we need it cool vid i give it a five well thanks DJ

  2. i know what ya mean, everyone here is cheap to. that scotts i made a video of sold for over $250 new and i ended up selling it for $100 even though it had barley any use on it and it had a brand new drive cable and drive belt! plus it was a 6.5hp intek OHV motor! and someone threw it out!

  3. You wouldn't think being an '07 that it would have make a diaphragm bad already, but I guess gas is getting bad in quality.

  4. I worked as a garden machine mechanic until half a year ago. Here in Norway simple mowers in that condition with that cheap Briggs goes for atleast $280 😛

  5. god i wish i could by that one from u but i live all the way over in the pacific northwest i cant find any weed eater mowers over here i have a riding lawn mower and a weed eater made by weed eater but all i need is a gas push mower made by them love the basic models always had good luck with them

  6. Looks like a decent lawnmower. Can't beat how new it is though! Runs pretty good too for a newer Briggs. I prefer the older model Briggs but that one seems to run okay. How much did you sell it for?

  7. YOu know, there is nothing wrong with this engine, its just alot of people, are to dang lazy to do preventive maint. and too lazy to fix somthing if it fails, oh its broken, pos, throw it away, throwing away doesn't fix anything. I'm not pointing fingers, or to this video. Its just annoying seeing people post, eh its pos, eh its junk, eh eh eh.

  8. The engine is great. Lots of power, but it realy needs a new styled body that ejects the cut grass better. This mower clumps up the cut grass, and also plugs up the escape vent to often. This means extra work in recutting the same lawn the very next day to get an even cut all over. My old worn out 1962 Gilson mower, could cut the same lawn, and never once had to recut that lawn a second time to make sure my cutting was level all over that same lawn. This mower needs a new styled body.

  9. The problem with this mowers body is that it's made wrong, and doesn't create a strong enough blowing effect to blow out all cut grass that it has cut. The cut grass remains within the mowers body, and comes out in large clumps. This means alot of uncut, uneven grass, as well as lots of unwanted raking, after a first cutting of a lawn. No wind tunnel effect to drive the fresh cut grass out and away from under the mower's body, therefore you get lots of clumps left behind.

  10. Right kind of engine, just wrong type of body style and blade. Wish I could get another "Gilson mower" body somewhere, and switch the engine over to it. Then I would have less work to do, and be done cutting in one pass over the lawn.

  11. I own one of these lawnmowers (new), and they cut like crap. They leave behind clumps of grass all over the lawn. I've used an old Gilson since 1962, and that lawnmower cuts hands down comapred to this mower. Leaves no clumps of grass behind, even when gras was wet. Weedeater Company needs to remake the design of their bottom platform, and add a better airflow blade as well. This problem is not caused by the engine.

  12. @mrMikeHawk100: A grass bag is totally useless on this mower. It needs a new platform design peroid!!!! You can't catch what comes out of the exit vent, when it's plugged up all the time. The clumps come out from the front and back of the mower in most cases, not the exit vent, like it should do. I'm now looking for a Gilson type platform, and a replacing the old balde with a high vacuum type blade for this new engine.

  13. @wheely132 Thanks. The mower was only a year old when i trash picked it. Stay tuned for my latest trash pick reveal which is a Toro Recycler personal pace 6.5 Tecumseh

  14. @wheely132 Dont know how to fix stuff, or lazy to fix lol. The mower was only missing a spark plug, and after adding one it started right up, and kept running after i poured some gas in the spark plug hole. Runs pretty damm good!

  15. That was kinda helpful as far as thinking to check that if it ever stops working but you didn't even show where that diaphragm goes. Let alone how to replace it. I'm sure I can figure it out but why even bother posting this video?

  16. just found one of these out at the curb. pull cord pulled almost out. had a broken return spring, heated the spring with a butane torch as to bend a new hoop, place it on the cover then center spring into rope pulley and wind about 6=7 times. 5 minutes later va-room. I love these old brigs motors. I have fixed 100;s of em and for free, well, no parts purchased.
    motorwizj says '' if I can;t fix it, I'll fu**ing break it trying''
    Jay the pump repair guy Florida

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