32 thoughts on “2011 Troy-Bilt Pony riding mower 7 speed 42 inch cut 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton

  1. I wrote a song for troybilt about this mower and I'm going to post a video on youtube soon. I have had to fix this mower 3 times this week and my wife is headed to the parts store to get another part for me as I respond to you. These mowers are horrible. It's not for mowing grass, it's for learning to be a lawnmower mechanic.

  2. I bought this exact model about 15 months ago from Lowes for about 900 with a military discount. It has ran very well for me. Maybe all these bad reviews were people not taking care of their machines? I probably have about 40-50 hours on mine ad it works perfect. And by the way, Troy doesn't build the engine. It's a Briggs and Stratton engine.Its a good mower. Not every one is going to be perfect. That's why they give you the warranties. And the 4 yr warranty was only like 250.

  3. You can stop the backfire if you turn the choke down low where it just idles, and put it in neutral and have the parking brake on. Then let it idle a few seconds, then turn it off. That worked for me with my Troy-Built. Mine is 5 years old, still starts with ease. 1 1/2 acre yard.

  4. I bought a troy-bilt pony mower today. Then I see the comments for this video and similar comments other sites. I went to troy-bilt company site to ask about the quality and tell them about problems people had. They only have a phone number. No email address. I posted on there facebook page.

  5. Here is what I posted. I just bought a troy-bilt pony riding mower. I waiting for it to be delivered. I bought troy-bilt because I heard it was a good product. When searching online I read many horror stories about the troy-bilt pony. Things ranging from it falling apart on first use. To the gas and oil getting mixed together and the engine catching fire. Now I'm hoping all the horror stories are not true.

  6. Here is there reply. Troy-Bilt Hi Todd, Congratulations on your new purchase! Overall, our customers are very satisfied with the quality and warranty services offered with Troy-Bilt tillers. Our tillers are equipped with a limited lifetime warranty on the transmission as well as a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty. If any problem arises in the future that is our fault, we'll gladly foot the bill.

  7. I clearly said I bought a riding mower. And they telling me about customer satisfaction with troy-bilt tillers. I did not buy a tiller. The reason I bought one is they where much cheaper than john deer. And I figured they would be better than from sears or walmart. I am hoping I have no problems. I wanted to save a few hundred. Likely a mistake.

  8. Yea right!!! They have the worst Customer Service in the world They will DOG you to foot the bill. I read another post by you that TROYBILT is a good product LOL. That was long ago Bro. Before MTD bought them out. Their quality went down the drain.

  9. What I forgot to point out here is that they said they talk about there tillers warrantee. I clearly told them I bought a riding mower. A riding mower is not a tiller. I guess they not paying attention.

  10. Todd when you google Troy Bilt Pony, you will see that there is a tiller called Troy Bilt Pony as well so that is why they thought you were talking about the tiller.

  11. these are great mowers!..depends how you treat them..that dude with all the problems above must have been stump grinding at top speed!…its funny how people bash them but don't tell you they tried to mow bricks and rocks!

  12. they are great mowers have had a rear engine murray (good) and rear engine craftsman (good) but this mower is great but I take care of my mowers…I believe this one would climb a tree if it would go up..lol.. use it in low gear and enjoy te ride

  13. I've had my pony Troy bilt 17.5 hp for 9 1/2 years and it's a great lawn tractor. The Briggs Stratton engine makes all the difference in the world.

  14. never ever again troy bilt is just trash….. nothing but trouble….   if any body out there is thinking about getting one…. DON'T DO IT. 

  15. I do not have a Engine Owners Manual. I only have the Operator's Manual. What is the Spark Plug gap. I could not find a Champion RC12YC Plug. So I bought a Autolite Alternate? I just need the the gap of the plug.

  16. I have a 2010 troy bilt pony. I have a idler spring that has broke twice in a month. I notice the belt is rubbing up against the deck adjustment bar  but there doesn't seem to be any way to adjust the pulley since the spring pulls it right up against the bar. Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

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