20KW Briggs & Stratton Whole House Generator – Oil Change

20KW Briggs & Stratton Whole House Generator – Oil Change.
Same Generator as:
GE 20KW Whole House Standby Generator
Rheem 20KW Whole House Standby Generator
One Thing that you should also do is to Pour Oil into the Oil Filter before you mount it on the Generator. This gets oil flowing immediately, so that engine does not get starved for oil and possibly suffer wear damage on the startup.



8 thoughts on “20KW Briggs & Stratton Whole House Generator – Oil Change

  1. The 20KW B&S Generator Oil filter Part is:
    Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
    Manufacturer Part No: 842921   about $11
    or go to electricgeneratorsdirect Dot Com and get the kit containing plugs, air filter and pre-measured oil and oil filter for $50

  2. I Changed the Oil after One Year of Use as Stated in the Briggs Manual which Requires an Oil Change every 100 Hours or Every Year, whichever comes first. The oil looked ok, with some black coloring in it.
    I don't know whether its a good idea, but I exposed the Circuit Board panel and Sprayed on a Water Resistant non-conductive Conformal Coating (a laquer). I avoided spraying the open connectors that a Tech would plug into., and sprayed everything else including the transfer switch, avoiding the dip switches with this product. http://www.amazon.com/CRC-Urethane-Viscous-Coating-Temperature/dp/B00BXSMNWG . I also sprayed the Stepper Motor and the controller on the engine with silicon spray, greased up the battery terminals, and I cleaned out the Dust inside the case. The Panel LCD is not very bright and it looks dead in sunlight so for a second, I mistakenly thought that I damaged it. All is good.

  3. Did this same service and a tune up on an older model Briggs 20 kw. The oil filter was hand tightened at that factory. I'm not surprised that yours was over tightened. These guys at the factory do things like that often and it gets annoying in the field

  4. This newer model cabinet for the briggs 20 KW is nice though. I enjoy it better than their old one. I prefer the aluminum casing that comes on the Kohler 20 KW as an option as opposed to the composite. The composite for the Kohler and also the briggs gets eaten alive by the sun.

  5. I am a certified technician for Kohler, GE, Onan, and Briggs units. I install turn-key standby generation units from start to finish. This guy, although he got the job done, is a complete idiot. BTW if you are paying a 300 a year maintenance fee you are getting ripped off. The units cycle 15-20 minutes a week and can truly receive an oil service at every 100 hours operated. And also this is not an engine that will produce your "metal filings" so just throw that load of crap he gave you about that acting like he knows something.

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