25 hp Kawasaki surging #1

Engine surges.
If you close the choke 90% it smooths out and keeps running.
You can see the throttle close down to an idle,
then governor opens the throttle back up to keep it from dieing.



13 thoughts on “25 hp Kawasaki surging #1

  1. I have a 2017 ferris pro cut S … 20 hrs . on it. Now it surges turn the pto on cut 25th ft stalls. .. Surges all the way back to the garages with no pto engages ?

  2. Mine did the same thing and funny how no one is mentioning that one of the Welch plugs could of fell out like mine did ,leaving a hole in the carburetor and causing a major vacuum leak .When I asked the lawn mower mechanic he said they replace them all the time and it's a very common problem .

  3. Vacuum leaks be the first culprit that comes to mind. Also dirty dirty carburetor comes to mind as well. Plugged fuel filter also is a thought.

  4. I had the same problem. When I was cleaning the idle jets, I discovered that one of the Welch plugs was missing. Put a new one in and it solved the problem. The linkage for adjusting the governer is pretty flimsy on this engine and has a left hand set screw.

  5. Did you every figure this out? My 23 hp Kawi does this too. I pulled the carb down and no help. 120lbs comp on each cyl. The manual shows the idle jets are capped over. When I choke it it runs well. It lopes with choke off. Pulled fuel line off and cranked it over and it pushed fuel out pretty fast. Choking it screams that its fuel issues. But all the passages are clean in the carb. Im lost. Ive heard coils go bad, but this does not seem like a coil issue.

  6. Hi my john deere 14se does the exact same thing your fh721v v twin kawasaki engines does. I am going to replace the carburetor with a new one since the old one leaks like a faucet have u fixed the problem on this engine or no.

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