283ci Chevrolet small block rebuild

this 283 had a complete overhaul.
i replaced the camshaft with a summit cam .204in .214 ex duration .420 in .442ex lift
The Edelbrock intake i bought off of eBay.
all new valve train, the carburetor is so nice ran terrific. i like the trick summit dual feed fuel line with the gauge . you can tell when the fuel filter is getting bad with this thing on there. the heads are original 1965 power pack’s this was a matching #’s engine
the pistons are .040 over speed pro forged flattops,with stock rods, stock crankshaft. installed the the points style distributor is a pertronix ignitor, with a flame thrower 35,000 volt coil. Behind the double roller timing chain is a thrust bearing to help the cam rev smoother. all new bearings throughout. clevette 77 oil pump
i sold it a year later for 1,500. the guy i sold it to says it still does not leak a drop of oil even after 4-5 years.



37 thoughts on “283ci Chevrolet small block rebuild

  1. Nice. I posted a video response showing what I did to my (old) 283. Now it is a 327! Not that I didn't love the 283 before………….

  2. what was the approximate total cost for this? my uncle wants to sell me a 283 out of his el camino and id like to get a price on how much itd cost to rebuild her (she needs it)

  3. all in all part's from summit racing was about 2,000 and the labor was 450.00 for the machining. this thing had everything new except the head's themselves and the block and crank. everything else was replaced. it was like 35-40 per cylinder for machine work and then the machinist short blocked it for me. so i painted it up and had it running in one weekend.

  4. One of the best motors in the 60's I had one in my 57 and now i'm looking for one to put in my 64 chevy pickup That looks and sounds Great

  5. This thing looks great!! i love the clean almost factory look with perfect details and a bit more power!! good job man. i have a 283 i am about to build and will be stoked if it looks this nice!

  6. i really like sleeper look so kept it clean and simple, man this engine pulled like a mule in first gear with a powerglide and a 3.08 rearend. i would hold in in first till like 80 mph

  7. Im restoring a 65 el camino original 283. I want to rebuild it but i was told its not worth it because once the 283 is rebuilt it has over heating problems. Did you have any problems???

  8. if you want something that just spins more rpm then do the 283 but if your set on a small block then do atleast a 383 or 400. i've got a 434 pushin 635 hp on pump gas and you will NEVER get anywhere close to that with that wimp 283. cubes rule and thats just the way it is.

  9. I GUARANTEE that my 400 horsepower 283 will take that 434 any day any time the real wimp motor is the big cube motors. More hp smaller cubes = awesome motor RODMAN with your stupid wimp motor

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