16 thoughts on “3-1/2 HP Briggs Governor Linkage Installation

  1. i wish lawn mower had just a stander throttle just hold a higher rev win in run time, and can i still get you the cam info i forgot sorry 🙁

  2. All V-shaft engines that use the "5" in the third position after cubic inch displacement have Vacu-Jet carburetors; those with a "9" in the same position are Pulsa-Jet carburetors.

    A 3.5 HP engine in the years 1966 to 1991 can be had as model series 92900, 93500, 94900 and 95500.

  3. you can just modify it to have a regular throttle. but you will be very sorry if you do. cause you would have to regulate it ALL the time to make sure that you do not overrev the engine. and dont stall it in just the tiniest amount of grass.

  4. Yes, this is what happened with our tiny 5 horse riding mower, my son put in a racing con rod, took out the governor, added a racing air filter etc. It will rev like crazy now, but won't cut worth beans, as your hand can react fast enough to the varying grass conditions! 🙂

  5. if we are gonging for impracticality, i have always wanted to make a mower shaped like the star trek ship, not a big fan but it would be cool

  6. @Mr3wheeledbike the governor is still fully functional, ad I tied a string to the throttle linkage. when I pull the string it runs faster untill I let go.

  7. Just as long as the con rod doesn't let go!!! 🙂
    I used to pull back on the governor linkage on a 4 horse Briggs riding mower, growing up. Then one day it pulled a bit too hard, and it slipped on the shaft, then wouldn't raun at 3600 any more. I didn't know it was just a simple adjustment to fix it, so I tore the engine right apart. Unfortunately the pulleys got squashed in a press, the ones I bought were not quite right, so it didn't work 100% after that. Live and Learn 🙂

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