16 thoughts on “3.5-5.0hp Briggs and stratton carb rebuild

  1. U didn't tell us about your tools, where you went for breakfast, you just got to the point and rebuilt the carb, you even stopped the camera to tighten the bolts! Many many thanks , I wish every video was this straight forward and informative.

  2. Thanks- very informative- I thought it was gonna be too hard to do- but you explained itso even I can do it- thanks again

  3. Do you have that carb and engine still???? I need pictures of the throttle assembly and I can't find ANYTHING online that shows the correct throttle assembly for that exact setup. Guy that had engine before me jacked it all up and I am trying to get back the right way and there are parts missing

  4. I have exactly the same 3.5 Briggs with newer non pull type choke carb on a go kart, It was a pain to get it started i always had to put gas in the carb to get it started after it would warm up it would start up fine, I had an older 3hp Briggs with the pull choke diaphragm style carb like the one you have there. I replace it with the older carb and it runs 1000 times better starts up in 1 to 2 pulls every time and feels like gain some power

  5. I got one that looks almost like the older one you have there. The one with the pull out choke. Your has two plastic lines that go into the tank. On the tips of yours looks to be screens. The one I have also has two lines that go into the tank. The short one is like yours with the screen. The longer one the tip looks to be a solid peace of metal. Kind of confused as to what that is for.

  6. Been awhile I know but need to ask. MTD model tiller with the exact carb you rebuilt. Was running fine then quit. When trying to start again, will start easy with choke on full but dies after 15 seconds. If choke not fully on it won't start. Any ideas please? Might it be the jet that goes into the tank (the one with the flat tip slot)? Is the rebuild kit a B&S 459606? Thank you very much for a great video!!

  7. Hello Thanks a lot for the video.
    I need to change the gaskets and the diaphragm of my concrete machine which have a Briggs&Stratton 3,5 Hp Horizontal Linkage modele:91232 Type:1363 E1 Code:980513FA. Do you know the numbers for the gaskets and diaphragm kit.
    Thank you for your reply.

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