30 Year Old 3HP Briggs and Stratton, 10 Year Cold Start

Got a 3HP, L valve Briggs and Stratton motor that is about 30 years old. I picked it up off a man who’s father had it in his lawnmower at one point in time. Its been sitting on his shelf in his garage for ‘many years’. So I assume around 10 years or so of sitting.

Nothing amazing or spectacular here. Just cleaned the spark plug and adjusted the gap on it, adjusted the throttle, cleaned the air filter, drained the old gas in there and replaced it with some fresh gas and hoped for the best. The oil was already full and seemed alright, plus I didnt have any to replace it haha.

This is the result.



32 thoughts on “30 Year Old 3HP Briggs and Stratton, 10 Year Cold Start

  1. They used these engines on the old Webb cylinder mowers – they are really great, and reliable workhorses if they are well maintained.

  2. I know this is an old video but YOU DO HAVE A KILL "SWITCH" its that funny looking thing sticking up next to the spark plug. You flip it to the plug and it grounds out the coil 😀

  3. funny that i was given a 7hp briggs haddent run 4 3 years no one thought it would run but i coulnd say no so i put some fresh oil /feul and a new plug it started 2nd pull
    briggs are just the bussiness.

  4. I have a non recoiling briggs fractional water pump, and the strip of metal on top IS the killswitch to the sparkplug, oilbath the filter.

  5. there is none… there would have to be a second plate that bolts on with the same bolts as the head to have that there. i would know,i have this exact engine. i could tell off hand it is missing that plate

  6. I have one just like it a buddy gave to me really old condition but its on a go kart and it turns over but it wont start it doesnt have a chain, gas pedal isnt hooked up and the air filter is old but I cleaned it and replaced the spark plug, The throttle has no wires or springs on it so would that be the problem it wont start also the pull choke doesnt work properly ive tried taking it apart and cleaning everything but I still cant get it started im starting to think it is the spark plug or old gas, The gas tank was empty when He gave it to me so I just put more in there and some oil,theres two oil places, but the gas may be rusty from how long the gas tank sat

  7. you dont need a killswitch just flip the lil tap next to the plug its set up to ground the plug from factory

  8. hi  I live in Brazil and I have the same engine yours, but  and do not know where I find spare parts, where you buy parts for your Briggs and stratton ?

  9. Hi there can someone help me? I have the same engine as in the video and the pull cord doesn't catch the crankshaft very well. It just pulls loosely?

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