6 thoughts on “#32 Tecumseh LV195EA – The final results of a small engine rebuild

  1. I watched mostly all the videos.. real great info. One question. Do you know if putting the linkage bars on the carburator backwards(meaning the one with the spring on the top hole, and the other on bottom hole) cause the mower to run for 5 sec. Then shut off?. Another thing that I might have done wing was put the Carb. Floater cover not correct. Not allowing the floater to go up or down as it should. Anyhow. Your videos are very detailed and VERY helpful. Thanks.

  2. I do not know if putting the linkage on wrong will cause the issue that you described. Take a few minutes to change it, and see if it runs any better. Let me know.

  3. I changed it, before it would start , now I cant even get it to start. I will buy some Carb cleaner, and use that instead of soaking the whole Carb in gas.

  4. Thanks for watching my videos. I believe the engine has an aluminum bore, although I can't seem to locate any info on the internet to confirm. I think that I would have noticed an "inserted" cast iron bore while I was rebuilding. Sorry I couldn't be more help.

  5. Thanks for posting these videos, they've been very helpful. How long would you recommend using the engine before the first oil change?

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