33 thoughts on “4-5hp Tecumseh Carburetor Throttle & Governor Linkage Configuration (with Throttle Cable)

  1. Donyboy, This was great vid for me since it was only one that the linkages looked like mine. However I have old 6hp Tecumseh on Troy horse 1 rather than 4-5hp Tehcumseh. I would like to know how you would attach the linkages on throttle arm when the other ends are already attached to carb & governor arm. Since the ends with the bends must be twisted or angled to go thru the holes on throttle assembly which is not possible when the other ends are already attached? How would you do it? I could remove the two bolts on the assembly which would give me enough play to attach them.Thanks

  2. Great video as usual! Thanks so much for what you do. It's helping me to keep my dear old aunt's, dear old Toro snowblower (38+Yrs) with 5HP Tecumseh going strong. Your videos are the best man!

  3. curious… my throttle is stuck at full open, there seems to be no adjustment.
    I installed a new carb, plug, & starter last yr.. run Stabil in my fuel.. IDK what the issue is. I bought the unit used 3yrs ago.. always ran fine except for the last 2 snow storms.. now the throttle is stuck. what do I do now..?

  4. HI donyboy73 ! first Thank for all your's video'.
    I need help haha i got a toro snowblower 524 1976
    when i start my engine the rpm is not stable all the snowblower is shaking and when i putt the full throttle the engine stall with some backfire. And the sparkplug came drit. if i remove all the linkage on the carb (brand new) and move the butterfly by myself it do the same thing. I hope you can help me šŸ™‚

  5. thank you for the video. I have a craftsman 536.918300. I wanted to check the linkage configuration. Which hole should the linkage be in at the governor and the shaft&lever assembly on the carburetor. Thank you.

  6. So many of your vidsĀ cover things on these older Tecumseh engines that are absolutely priceless. just a great job explaining uncommonĀ things. I was stumped on this old throttle control until I find it needs a cable to work.Ā Thank You.

  7. Hi Donyboy, your vids are fabulous, very concise & informative. I have a older style 5 hp tecumseh (viking snowblower). It was given to me and will not start. I have rebuilt the carb (needle, seat both main & idle mix jets and seals. Float is good. I backed out main jetc 1.25 turns and idle mix screw 1.5 turns. Spark is good and gapped points to .020. New spark plug. It has fresh fuel and I replaced fuel hose and flushed the tank. After I rebuilt the carb and installed it I removed the bowl and cycled the float up and down to ensure fuel was flowing past the needle and seat and filling the bowl.

    The only way I can get it to start and run is drop a bunch of fuel down the cyl. it starts revs like crazy and soon as the fuel is consumed it dies. Any thoughts on what I am missing?

    thanks DD

  8. Nice one Donny.I have a Honda G 200 driving a Thai style lawnmower. It has always been hard to turn over- it has a rope pull starter- I am now well over my sell by date and I'm having difficulty in pulling the rope starter. Any advice on how to make it easier. And I don't mean getting someone else in to do it. Although that is not a bad idea. Thanks againĀ 

  9. Thank you. Every summer I replace the plug, oil , grease the auger shaft and inspect the shear pins. I start it up every two weeks or monthly (Yes I use Sabile). But lately I noticed I wasn't getting full power with the throttle lever set at full power. That screw just a quarter turn brough it back to where it used to run. Do I need to replace the breather element? My engine is a LH195SA-67437V and also if I mess w/ the breather element can I screw anything up?
    aralight@netzero.net Thank you

  10. Thanks for posting this I have a Roto-Hoe model 500 that my girl inherited and I thought I was missing a choke linkage, but instead just missing the part that keeps the choke from jumping around.

  11. Hey I have a Tecumseh snowblower and I'm in the process of replacing my carb. I had a question on a particular piece that fell off during removal of carb that I can't figure out from where? I'd like to contact you wi.t pics and a viideo but how do I get that info to you? My email is NYDesi80@gmail.com. Thanks man!!

  12. wow, thank you so much man, this is pretty much identical to my vertical 12hp tecumseh. mounting spots are different of course but same idea, now i can hook up my throttle properly! thanks a lot man!

  13. hey i an having trouble on how to hook up the throttle cable to my carb. for my go kart could i send u a pic of it and u tell me how i should hook it up?

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