14 thoughts on “#4 – Briggs and Stratton 5HP 130202 – Valve installation

  1. Briggs once made val guide compound/crying shame they don't anymore/but Kohler makes a lube used on there engines for valves and hydro lifters on command engines that works very well on both [Briggs and Kohler] iam a master service tec and that's what we use. GREAT VIDEO…oh and the key hole washer is called a retainer …good luck and hope to see more videos of yours.

  2. I'm working on a older 8hp briggs. Pretty much the same configuration as this 5hp. How are the valves adjusted?
    Also what brand is that valve spring compressor I was using one for a car it was quite the show.

  3. I would not recommend grease it will produce drag and a llittle higher temperature and the tolerances here are quite tight so if you are really unlucky it might actually stick due to this when heated. Only ordinary motor oil should be used nothing else.

  4. The torque specifications listed in the repair manual are important. If a bolt is too loose, it could vibrate out and cause problems. On the other hand, if the bolt is too tight, it could snap off or sheer (strip) and that would also be troublesome. In my opinion, proper peace of mind is worth the cost of a torque wrench. They can get very expensive but, my wrench is a 3/8" beam type that reads in INCH POUNDS. It cost less than $20 at Sears. Thanks for watching.

  5. So if I were to completely tear down my 8hp Tecumseh engine, and I take the piston out and everything, do I have to use that torque wrench to tighten the bolts on the connecting rod when I reassemble it? Or can I just use a socket wrench and tighten it to my discretion? Thanks

  6. Hey, if you disable your cameras image stabilizer function the video won't jump around when you have it on a tripod or mount.

  7. Good demo. How do you know which spring to use with which valve. They are different in the motor i am working on, but I failed to notice the difference upon dis-assembly.

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