22 thoughts on “4 HP Briggs & Stratton Quatro Motor Spring & Linkage Close Up Detail

  1. Hey, great video and great photos, i have ordered these and was not exactly sure what way they linked together, but thanks to you problem solved, thanks again man

  2. This videotutorial is six years old and i have viewed it and found it was quite helpful to me as i struggled to repair&adjustmen my mower for this cuttiing season, Thanks P.B.! Your still close ups were just what i needed to make it all happen.YOU STILL DA' MAN !
    Wayne B. in the D

  3. Many thanks, great little video. My ex said I could have the lawn mower because 'someone' had looked at it and it was finished. Found some bolts to reconnect the carb, washed the sponge filter in petrol, set up (with a bit of bending of wires) the spring linkages as per your video and it started. A quick adjustment to the drive cable and I was being pulled along by my trusty stead of 15 years (lol).

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