16 thoughts on “440 Chrysler engine rebuild part 1

  1. It may just be non detergent oil change the oil and filter asap and run it and make sure your not losing coolant if it happens again u might have a problem w/ gaskets

  2. is there a good video or book to buy for a first time builder?

    is there a course at that institute dedicated to engine building only ?

    i'm not a mechanic but would like to learn how to build a 440

  3. Please dont stop your videos man i just love watching , if im not working on something myself its always nice to see what other people are doing makes everyone smarter and better.

  4. When you placed the bore gauge in the bearing you failed to put the measuring points at 6 and 12 O'clock. All bearings have eccentricity designed into them and proper measuring techniques dictate that you measure bearing clearance at 12 and 6. Your measurements will indicate to great a clearance because the bearing clearance becomes greater as you move toward the parting line. This comes directly from the bearing manufacturers…..not my opinion.

  5. That's true however if you notice I have the gauge at aprox 11 and 5 there is really no size change between this and the 12 and 6 point the reason I did this is because the large oil feed hole at 6 makes it difficult it is true that it's best to be as close to 6 and 12 as possible good catch

  6. i got a question i'm not a Mopar guy i'm more of a chevy guy but their motors by Mopar are quite unique but i don't  know the first thing about them how much of a difference would there be if you compare a 454 and a 440 i know they are build different and the cubic inch is difference but how do they function talking more about the 440 by chrysler 

  7. ok ex-dealership tech here. i understand micing crank, and bearings, i am sure it's the most accurate way to measure that. but i have always used plasti-gauge instead. that's what we were taught at the factory level for stock lower end rebuilds. granted we were getting cranks, and bearings as a kit from the factory, so they were probably already set up and we were just double checking, but will plasti-gauge get you where you need to be on a new build?

  8. Good video; Say, I bought a 440 running motor that I checked for cold cranking compression, which turned out 145-150 lbs. It came out of a 72 Dodge D200 pickup.
    I have a 6-pack setup and headers I plan to install on it- just for cool factor street use.
    I'm looking into what cam to use.
    Judging from those numbers, should it be rebuilt before putting it to use…?  Thanks-

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