450cc Barbie Jeep Does Wheelies

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Its episode 10 of our Power Wheels Barbie Jeep build series and we are almost done! In this episode we pop some mad wheelies, reinforce the 3 link rear suspension and front I-beam suspension.

This is turning out to be one of those when mechanics looses their minds or insane engine swap type builds. Can we really even call it a go kart any more? or is it more of a front engined four wheeler. Maybe a custom tube frame off-roader.

Full list of parts on this tube frame jeep build here http://bit.ly/2RN0cqa

Special thanks to Rouge Fab. Check out our tubing bender here http://bit.ly/2xsnB3e and our notcher http://bit.ly/2qaNHEE

Check out our instagram for extra content: https://bit.ly/2G5W6TD


0:00 Richard Twins http://bit.ly/1Wa3yNq
4:35 Akina Boy – U-132 https://youtu.be/zpo17oOwjFc
8:16 Recall https://open.spotify.com/album/70lf4HrwpwNAAmg0IqI4t7

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37 thoughts on “450cc Barbie Jeep Does Wheelies

  1. Who ever be disliking these videos must have some major problems in life! Smh im watching every video like how tf do u guys do itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ great work and awesome videos mann

  2. I love how you guys have brought the spirit of Colin Furze to the New World. His legacy will live on in talented creators and madmen like you fine gentlemen.

    Long live the Furze method. Love live the safety tie.

  3. WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

    ABOUT 3,000 comments on a video a while back the online armchair engineers of YouTube said that a chain wouldn't work. Huh color me shocked! Good work guys!

  4. That shear is SICK!! Also, PLEAAAAASE get some chainsaw chaps or kevlar pants if your'e gonna grind-hard on your legs with the angle grinder…one slip is all it takes.

  5. Please build a chain guard as my fear is that if the chain breaks, it’ll whip through and cause severe injury to a leg.

  6. The main jet pretty much only effects WOT. Most people put a pipe on and air box mod and think all they need to do is go up in main jet and dont even think about the slow jet. Your running on the slow jet the majority of the time. As small as your main was I'm sure your slow is just as small and insufficient. I would go back to the 178 main and go up one size on the slow jet. Could

  7. love it… but FYI… tie rod and control arm have to be the exact same angle, or the camber and caster will always be chased when the suspension flexes.

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