450e Series™

The Briggs & Stratton 450e Series™ push mower engine— easy mowing. Exceptional value. The perfect tool for a quick, dependable cut:
• 4.5 ft-lbs of gross torque*
• Lightweight, dependable and satisfyingly simple to operate
• Equipped with Prime ‘N Pull™ Easy starting system to offer quick starts and smooth performance throughout the job
• Made in the USA of U.S. and global parts.



11 thoughts on “450e Series™

  1. The carb on this cloggs so easily if there are leaves in yard, or weeds with wide leaves the bits and pieces clog the carb after 2 or 3 mowings, I've taken it for repair at authorized dealers and was told it was a known defect and poor location of the carb. The dealer had to weld a couple bars to mount a mesh screen in front of carb to fix the issue.

    Bad design 🙁

  2. This engine takes 1/2-quart of oil, and the oil filler tube is difficult to get to (did anyone notice it on the video?). This appears to be a design that would cause owners to forget to check/change the oil.

  3. The 1/4 turn dipstick cap is poorly designed, if you catch it on a bush it comes undone and sprays oil all over the plastic body which Briggs themselves say must be protected from oil and petrol !!!! I A couple of really bad design flaws compared with the previous models. Go back to a metal body and screw down oil cap!

  4. Mower engine has low power and I took the housing off to investigate and the recoil spring came undone and I cannot get the plastic parts to go back together and function .

  5. Bad engine. After winter does not run – problem is with carbouratour. Why – i dont know. Access to carburator is bad. Not satisfied with purchase – need to bring it back to shop

  6. Absolute P.O.S. with an operational lifetime of less than 2 years (spring/summer). And Briggs and Stratton customer 'service' is a joke. Save your money and buy a real lawnmower. B&S: never again.

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